Piece of cake!

When I read the blurb for the third challenge, I thought it would be a piece of cake to: recreate a well-known building, monument or geographical feature, and have your photo taken in front of it. How you go about making the icon is entirely up to you - we're thinking about going down the mashed-potato Sydney Opera House avenue (seems perfectly sane to us)!

So, I literally chose cake as my material! I really hope you recognise the Sydney Opera House as my icon!

Now, let me just say, I thought it would be easy peasy to cut a round sponge cake into the opera house shape. Ah. No. No, it's not! On my first attempt, the entire thing crumbled! Trying to get the icing smooth caused it to crumble more, and then when I dyed the icing blue... my hands are currently a *lovely* colour!!

But, I persevered, and I don't think the end result is too bad! o_O Here's how I did it:

Make sponge base.

Use template to cut out cake and start spreading icing (you can see the failed attempt at the back of this picture).

Finish icing cake white. Make blue icing using food colouring!

Spread blue icing to create sea. Use icing pen to write Sydney on plate! Voila!

(It's terrible, I know.)