Sydney Style

Last week's challenge was to create an outfit that screams Sydney, so I've decided to do two outfits because everyone from London to LA, Tokyo to Sydney knows you can't just stick to one outfit per day. Pfiut! (Though if I can only be judged on one, go for the evening one!)

As I loved my surf example I gave last week when outlining the fashion challenge, that's my day look. The look to the left is the perfect Bondi beachwear look for the surfer girl. Billabong bikini (which is an Australian brand, and we all know 'billabong' means small oxbow lake), some sass & bide hotpants (you got it, Australian!), my sunnies and ... uh, a pair of thongs (because that sounds weird, I'll admit that they are my Havaianas and therefore not Australian - damnit!!).

When the tide turns, the hoody below by Oz brand Mossimo (I absolutely rate Mossimo for their vests - I have about 20 of them!) is the perfect item to throw on and head home to get ready for when the fun really begins in Sydney!

(NB: I think I deserve some extra points for exposing flesh on my blog. Plus, if I could have, I would have posed with a surfboard but I couldn't find one to borrow! I even contemplated adapting an ironing board! ;p Dedication!)

Anyway, onto the evening look! I, of course, recalled what Maggie Alderson says in Pants on Fire and Mad About The Boy about the Sydney look (they are both set there), plus I had a squiz at Vogue Australia to see what it is that is so distinct about that Sydney look. This is what I came up with:

Sydney Style

The marble silk dress is by Australian brand Willow - the colour is "burnt sand" but they'll be nothing burnt about our Sydney fashionista who knows to take care in the sun! Willow is quite a bohemian brand, but at the same time very elegant - I think is *key* to the Sydney evening look. I was torn between the Willow dress and a Collette Dinnigan one, but the Willow one won me over as it is gorgeous, yet subtle enough to team with the funky suede Manolo Blahnik heels. ♥ The heels set off the dress, but they are also very eye-catching and *very* playful. Again, I think this is a key Australian trait - casual may be preferred, but it's playful casual for the Aussies!

The blue diamond print Alexander McQueen jacket is optional, depending on whether you get cold or not, and the Chanel clutch and matching cuff highlight the love women have for key pieces , regardless of where they live in the world!

(It's always so, so, SO important to match up your handbag with an accessory, if you can't match it with your shoes. Best scenario is matching your heels, bag and one accessory, but the heels work with the jacket in this instance!)

Simple bronzed make-up, tousled hair à la model Elyse Taylor, and you'll be looking perfect for cocktails at the Blu Horizon Bar at Shangri-La!


  1. surely you get half a point for havaianas as they grace the feet of half the population of Sydney!

    loving the Willow dress ...

  2. Ooh, I hope I score points for the Havaianas then! {^_^} When I was in Brazil, I brought back 7 pairs to the UK! I ♥ them!

    Thanks for stopping by! {^_^}

  3. Being a boy, and thus a bit crap when it comes to fashion, I will reserve judgement on most of the important things that you said in this post.

    But you do look really great in the first photo. So thumbs up from me there.

  4. I love those shoes!!!

  5. Cheers, Sebastian! {^_^}

    Me too, Paula. WANT!!! *sigh*