Sydney Cricket Challenge

If you've seen this post, you'll know I'm currently participating in the a competition to win tickets to Sydney for myself and one lucky reader. This week I need help with this:

Sydney Cricket is a simple game you can play anywhere. All you need to get started is a coin and an idea of the rules, which can be altered to suit any situation.

Standard Rules:

* Players agree amongst themselves the number of overs that are to be played - each over giving the player six attempts at scoring ‘runs’ (much like real cricket).

* Once agreed, players take it in turns to spin their coin on the playing surface and attempt to score runs. The classic version uses the board to the left, with players spinning from the centre circle and scoring runs by landing their coin within the rings.

* If your coin finishes up off the board though, you’re out. If a coin lands between two rings, an umpire’s decision must be sought on where the majority of the coin lies and runs awarded accordingly.

The Challenge:
The first challenge is to come up with a cunning variant of Sydney Cricket. It doesn’t have to be cricket-based – remember, the Aussies love their sports (see here for what's popular Down Under), and there are no limits. Creativity will be rewarded.

So, I need your help thinking up a game, based on the above, and I need it by this Monday 10th August! More about the grand prize package can be found here, though if I win I personally will also be giving away some pretty neat mini-prizes!

Hopefully all this makes sense, but drop me a comment if you want anything clarifying! Also, let me know if you tweet about this, or post about it on your blog. Use if you do!

Don't worry either, my blog won't be Sydney, Sydney, Sydney for the next six weeks - I'll be continuing my writing posts as well!

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  1. Hey fellow competitor, im seriously stuck with this :( and my readers are totally confused lol!