Fancy a free trip to Sydney?

For those of you who saw some of my intriguing tweets on Sunday, you'll know I'm offering two tickets to Sydney for some creative help over the next six weeks.

I need that help more than ever as I'm wearily typing this entry from bed, dosed up on drugs. To explain briefly, I was rushed to A&E yesterday morning with strange, crippling pains... the NHS response after a long cattle market encounter in the waiting room: "It's a bit puzzling actually. Just rest and hopefully it will be a random one-off pain."

Yes, let's hope. *rolls eyes*

Anyway! I was contacted by a company called 1000heads about taking part in Tourism New South Wales' Awesome Tour of Sydney because of my posts on my trip to the Middle East. So, off I tootled to a BBQ meeting in Wandsworth (where, to make this slightly about my writing, a key scene in TROG is actually set!) to meet my competitors, learn about what the challenge entails, and find out about what I win... Or should I say, what we win.

Up for grabs are a pair of tickets to Sydney for me, and a pair of tickets for one of my lovely PD&P readers! The package is worth about £1,000 per person and includes return flights from Heathrow, accommodation, and some excursions. I'll post more details about that when I have more energy but, trust me, it's pretty fabbity! So, this is where I need your help to complete the challenges; if I don't win, I can't give away two tickets... but if I do, then one of you will snag tickets, too! I'll tag all related posts under sendmetosydney, and will also try to tweet everything related with a #sendmetosydney tag.

I will post about what needs to be done tomorrow (I'm fading fast here!), but I want anyone who is interested to comment on here, but to also spread the word. Now, if you're thinking that you're not going to spread the word because it will reduce your chances... well you're just not thinking like  a Sydney-sider. The challenge is won by whoever gets Sydney the most, and Australians are COMPETITIVE. You're not afraid of a little competition, are you?! Also, have a think about Australian sports and coin games like two-up (Sydney Cricket was the example given, but I'll have to explain that later as I'm too tired).

Cheers, everyone! (And if we win, I'll personally be giving away other prizes because, as you may already know, I prize loyalty above most things!) Here's to PD&P's glorious Sydney trip (another piece of writing-related trivia: in the first draft of Geli, the book actually ended on Bondi Beach)! -x-


  1. sounds very cool - would the tickets be open return kind of things or for a specific date?

    hope you feel better soon!

  2. Oooh, this sounds intriguing!!!

  3. Ok so I am seriously going to start tweeting lots about this!

    I would love to go to Sydney (technically I want to go to Melbourne too but it's definitely closer than the UK to Melbourne so it might be easier to arrange!)

    Tweets away!!!!!!!

  4. Hi Anna - the prize T&C's are on my latest post, but let me know if it doesn't clear up your question! :0)

    Paula - Isn't it! It was all very random and out of the blue getting the e-mail. I'm sure you'd love your third (!!!) holiday of the year, so get involved! :D

    Sara - I know!

    Hannah - It's not just Tweeting though, I need creative help as well. I'm going to make you work to win! Hehe! :p

  5. IT sounds awesome but also confuses me at the same time... but that might just be beacuse i'm not feeling great!!

  6. Don't worry, I was a wee bit confused too! :s Hope you're OK now, pjb