Pulp, free and holiday Fiction!

First up, Pulp Fiction. Here's me to the left recreating Mia for a fancy dress party. I look bizarre (but I wanted to share)! Moving on!

Last week I won The White Queen via @simonschusterUK. They were looking for the 1st, 5th, 10th, 14th, 20th, 25th, 28th, 30th, 35th, 40th replies... I was the 40th! I'm very happy for the freebie (obviously), but I'm a Phillipa Gregory fan so would have bought her book anyway! Thank you @simonschusterUK (Twitter's great!)

Finally, holiday fiction! I feel very lucky this summer because I get two summer holidays! I was in Jordan and Egypt in May (see here and here), and I'm heading to Turkey for a week. Ah, sunshine!

If anyone wants to help me choose a few books to take, have a look at my to-read pile. As we all know, choosing holiday fiction is a *very* important decision! Thanks!


  1. The book Crash looks interesting. By the way I think your to-read pile needs updating: you've got Goblet of Fire in there even though you've already rated it!

  2. That's because I'm supposed to be re-reading the Harry Potter books!! I've re-read the first three, so the others are back on my "To-Read" pile to remind me I need to finish off the series. :0)

  3. where is that you are going this time? me jealous, despite having two holidays myself this year!

  4. I'm going to Ölüdeniz. {^_^}

    And you shouldn't be jealous - you've had the same amount of hols as me!! :p