Are you generic?

Do you stick to reading one genre of choice, or do you read many different genres of books? What's your favourite genre? Your least favourite?


  1. I belong to a Crime Fiction reading group so I tend to stick to that. I'll read any fiction other than Romance but I prefer history and politics. Literary Fiction leaves me cold so I have to really like the author to read anything the TLS mentions in its fiction pages.

  2. I read all sorts - I think the main genre I stick to at the moment is fantasy (does Twilight come under that?) and Crime (as long as it's Kathy Reichs or Ian Rankin

  3. Does that mean you won't be reading my ficiton, Richard?! :s I'm starting to get more into crime ficiton, so you'll have to recommend me some titles. :0)

    I think Twilight is a combination of fantasy/teen/romance, Han!

  4. I like my fiction to have genre trappings (UFOs, vampires, private eyes/grisly murders) but essentially I find the characters I like within that.

    My favourite book at the mo is The Raw Shark Texts which I read and re-read quite a lot - but which always comes under 'general fiction' despite the sci-fi psychic sharks and the mystery of what the hell is happening. My other favourites are the Felix Castor series which feature a freelance private eye/exorcist. Although I think that comes under Urban Fantasy now - but I'm not sure what that even means :-S

    But, I prefer stories with unreal or unlikely elements, whatever they are but am always lured in by a fresh-sounding character with an interesting problem.

    Wow. Long-winded AND vague. Sorry!

  5. I read across the board (incidentally, you win our 'reading race' because this year I've read next to nothing. I fail).

    The only genre I'm not really into is Westerns, but that's not through actual dislike. It's more a feeling of 'meh', although if I pick one up that grabs me, I'll happily read it.

    My 'in the middle of reading at the moment' book pile currently consists of...let's see...erotica, memoir, science (a book on quantum physics by Michio Kaku), political memoir, crime non-fiction and a religious-based thriller (murder in a Mormon community).

    Lately, though, I've completely lost my writing mojo and I don't know why. Perhaps writing so much has killed off my desire/ability to read? I really don't know. I hope 2010 changes all that. I want to be able to read AND write, not have to choose between the two.

    Bottom line is - I'm a total genre-whore...when I bother to read, that is!

  6. I'm chick-lit through and through but I do like the odd random miscellaneous type of book. Like, for example, I like Douglas Coupland. Harry Potter or LOTR doesn't fit in the chick-lit genre either, obviously . . .

  7. If you like crime try Kathy Reichs - she's fab! Her main character is Temperance Brennan - yup Bones the TV Shows is based on the books - however you have to remember that Tempe in the books is hardly anything like Tempe in Bones lol.

    I like the interesting description of Twilight - what do you think of the Wuthering Heights cover change? Were you in the country to see the new adaptation? What did you think?