Jane Austen January Information

I'm very excited to be starting 2009 with Jane Austen January and am really looking forward to this. When I first decided I needed to read Jane, as I'm severely under-read, I never expected a Book Club to come out of all this - it only emerged because Hannah said she'd read Jane with me and that gave me the idea! :0) Thank you to everyone who has promoted this as well!

I hope you've all got your copies sorted out (there's still time to ask for copies for Christmas! :p). Here's the schedule:

Jan 1st - 14th = Sense and Sensibility
Jan 15th - 28th = Pride and Prejudice
Jan 29th - Feb 11th = Mansfield Park
Feb 12th - 25th = Emma
Feb 26th - March 11th = Northanger Abbey
March 12th - 25th = Persuasion

I'm still not sure if we are including Lady Susan (thoughts?), but if we do, then that will be from March 26th!

On the first day of each book, I'll open a blog post up and I'll link to each book discussion at the top right of the site so you don't have to scroll through my other posts to get to Jane Austen January posts.

As it stands, for discussing the books, please be aware comments on the book post will contain spoilers for those who wish to discusst during their reading. If you don't want the book to be spoiled, wait until you've read it to comment and discuss!

If you need to get in touch with me personally, you can via Twitter or e-mail me at me@ellefield.co.uk, but I think that's it - here's to some happy Jane Austen reading and thank you for wanting to take part!

PS: I was asked if I'm only doing a Jane Austen Book Club and I said if people are interested, I will happily host others. If you are interested and have any book suggestions for April onwards (or maybe May if we feel like a break first!), then comment and let me know!


  1. I think I'll need April to catch up on sleep and talking to people hehe!

    Sounds good let me know if there are suggestions.

    I'm going to try and get through Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte at some point!

    I also want to read Little Dorrit by Charles Dickens - I loved the adaptation on bbc.

  2. I did realise the other day that Decemeber probably would be a fitting time to start Dickens, starting with A Christmas Carol, of course! :0)

    I was also thinking of "Shakespeare Summer" because I am majorly biased towards The Bard and automatically think HATE, HATE, HATE, but we'll see from what other people suggest (if they suggest).

  3. Bronte Sisters bonanza?

    Shakespearean summer?

    Vampire Month with twilight, Dracula, interview with the vampire and other vampire inspired lit?

    Personally, I'm fond of the book Caramelo. If I can pass the love for Caramelo to the world, oh that would be nifty.

    I also love Rebecca (and Wuthering Heights.)

    I can't think of any more themes just certain books I think would be fun to read with people.

  4. I am quite tempted by the Shakespeare one because of my views on him and a Book Club *would* make me read him properly.

    I think any of the classics would be good - those are the books that usually have a stigma against them, so need the support of others to get them read!

    We shall see!

  5. Is it too late to join the book club? I've only read P&P before and would love an excuse to read the others.

    I saw your blog on 20sb.

    Merry Christmas :)

  6. Of course it's not too late, Erin! :0) Glad to have you aboard Jane Austen January!

  7. I think I may be joining a long as well. I got a spiffy all in one Jane Austen volume from a friend of mine, so I'll be needing to break it in.

  8. Would Shakespeare be the proper plays or the stories?

    I have both i think somewhere lol!

  9. I have no idea - I guess we would cross that bridge when (if) we come to it! :0)