Personal Achievement

Tell us about a personal achievement that was important to you.

Now, am I wrong to believe I shouldn't include my novels in my CV/job applications? Because to answer the above question I had on a recent job application, I felt I couldn't use the one achievement I prize above them all - my books - through the fear the company would take that answer as me having no interest in a career. Is it the right thing for me to do - pretend the Pipe Dream doesn't exist for the sake of a Profession - or would you use it as the achievement if you were me?

For the record I ended up using the example I HATE because it's more "employer friendly" - however, if they Googled me, Pipe Dreams & Professions is attached to all variants of my name so they could discover the truth anyway ... it's a tough call.

Anyway, enough about me, what personal achievement is important to you?


  1. I think you should put it on your CV. Maybe not much but a few lines in the sort of about me part. I think it shows that you can follow through on big things, since writing a book is quite a feat in itself. Who knows, maybe your employer is a book lover?

    That personal achievement question is hard... I don't know if this counts but I'm probably the most proud of not giving up on my dreams. I've seen a lot of people just give up on what they want to do because it's easier for them to not try at all.

  2. It's an achievement if I can get dressed in the morning with everything the right way round and not inside-out. I managed to put my boxers on back to front yesterday and only noticed when I went to the loo. A man frantically scrabbling at his flies in a public convenience is not an edifying sight.

  3. Be very very proud of it but only mention it in invisible ink on a job application form. You won't see the person who reads it and won't know if s/he is a total square or someone who would appreciate it as an incredible achievement.

    My personal achievement was my 6-months-long trip in Asia, NZ and Australia. It needed all my courage to start it as I only had 5000 USD for the whole thing plus no partner to travel with. But I knew it was then or never. I made it super-low-budget and super fun, I saw incredible things and I was very very happy and proud of myself.

  4. I'd totally list my novels if I was you. (Or novella if I was me... which I am.)

  5. @ Mr. S - At the moment I sort of skirt around it on my CV - maybe I will start being more forthcoming!

    I'm probably the most proud of not giving up on my dreams.

    That definitely counts - I know what you mean about people who don't even *try* and then wonder why they never get anywhere. It's perseverance, perseverance, perseverance if you ever want to get anywhere in this world with your dreams! :0)

    @ Richard - LOL. Well, the day-to-day achievements can be more satisfying than the grand ones!

    @Medio Pomelo - That sounds awesome and you're so brave for doing it solo! You should be proud!

    @ Peter - Noted! :0)