Book Review: Twilight

The film version of Twilight is finally released in the UK today, so I thought I'd review the book by Stephenie Meyer before I revert into a complete tween and drool... sorry, before I head off to watch and appreciate the movie. But, I don't know which is worse. You see, I also drool over Edward, the book character. Yes, I *heart* Edward, with teeny ♥♥♥'s too!

Now there are some people who scorn the whole Edward is a vampire (sorry if I spoilt that for you) and therefore "Bella-is-so-fragile" attitude. Not me. I *loved* it. I think what people forget with Twilight is that this is a tweeny-teen book. People forget that first crush giddy feeling they had, back in the days when you went all swoony and envisioned boys to be bona fide knights-in-shining-armour (before you knew better, basically). But, if you approach Twilight with this impossible ideal, then I think you too will adore it. If you can get into that mind frame, Bella's endless lavished praise of Edward's perfection will be the most logical description you have ever read. You may even find yourself swooning over him too.

Sure, if you approach Twilight as a cynical adult, then you're going to get irritated with Bella's "quirks" - she's actually a 2-D character who I feel Meyer tried to pass off as 3-D - but reading through the eyes of unrequited puppy love, combined with the knowledge of adult passions... *sigh* You can overcome that this is a love story about a girl with low self-esteem (rather annoyingly Bella constantly sees herself in a sub-par light to the point it is blatantly annoying) who falls in love with a vampire... who loves her anyway, despite all her "but you're so perfect and what am I? A mere ugly mortal" moments. I thoroughly recommend you check out Twilight (if you've not already) but *only* if you approach it by embracing your inner tween

Anyone else read the book (is this is a silly question)? If so, what did you think?


  1. My friend wants be to go to see it this weekend! There is plenty else on that I want to go and see. Thank goodness for my unlimited card lol

  2. Aaah - I have an Unlimited card too! Useful, aren't they?! ♥♥♥

    I'm off to see it tonight! :D

  3. I have read all the books - love them and have recommended them to everyone I meet (I even got my mom hooked on it).

    I do have to say that I was dissappointed in the movie. I saw it on opening night here in the states (Nov 21st I believe) and it was really chessey at some places and odd at others. It was okay. I really felt there were places they could have explained more. It just felt like they were rushing through everything. I would probably not see it again in the theater.

    I posted a reveiw about it on my page. I think it was under "What was that about?" But I would wait to read it after the movie.

  4. I think you hit the nail on the head: the reason Twilight has been so successful is that Meyer's manages to recreate that "feeling" that only a teenager experiences. At least that's why I loved it.

    I didn't start to complain about Bella until the later books in the series, when Meyers lost that magic of the first book and Bella just starts to be a whiney, co-dependent irritant.

    But I so loved the first book!

  5. I think if I had seen Twilight as a teenager, I probably would have appreciated it more because at that point in time I was used to the whole unrequited love thing (before I finally found my perfect dude). Anyway, I read the book a couple of weeks ago and thought it was really good. A simple read, but it made me really want to see the movie. I heard mixed reviews about the film, and I have to agree with the more negative ones. I think the idea of it was great in theory, but when you actually have people playing the characters on film it just comes off way too cheesy. I especially disliked Kristin Stewart because of her incessant body shaking throughout the entire movie. WTF was that about? She always looked like she was on the verge of having a seizure, :P

  6. @ Pam - I found it odd at times, but I must say RP: ♥! LOL. *rolls eyes* I will be checking out your review! :0)

    @ Michele - Yep, it's defintely acceptable in the first book, but then she does become very annyoying. She never transforms into an adult emotionally, despite agening into one.

    @ FM - Some books should remain as books. I thought the same when they did the movie of Prince Caspian. PC works as a book that supports the rest of the Narnia series; as a movie I wasn't convinced it served much purpose (except to make Hollywood money by cashing in on the success of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe).

    In parts, I found Twilight strange - it semi-worked, but wasn't utterly convincing. Sometimes books should be left in the reader's imagination and not translated onto the big screen - I believe Twilight may be one of those cases.