Art in NYC

As always when we're in New York City, we saw some art. We did repeat the MET and MoMA - 2019 posts here for the MET and here for MoMA - so I'll mention those after the new places we went to. Though we didn't make it to the Guggenheim this time. And! New York has exploded with interactive art, which I've blogged about here

First up, the Whitney Museum of American Art. Which can be found at the start or at the end of the High Line, depending on which way round you look at things. As well as its permanent collection, various exhibitions take place there - we saw two of Josh Kline's whilst we were there that were thought-provoking and Jaune Quick-to-See Smith's Memory Map exhibition (both pictured below) - and the permanent collection includes gems from Gertrude Vanderbilt, Jasper Johns and Florine Stettheimer. Make sure you have a drink on the roof and take in its marvellous view. Tickets cost $25 each (£20.31).  

So you might remember me mentioning going to Fotografiska in my Sweden blog posts - well, we went to the New York City one as well. It was not the same experience as Stockholm, unfortunately, which was partly because there were only two small exhibitions on at that time. Check what's on before you go, but if you get there early enough in the day, tickets are cheaper. Ours cost $18 each (£14.63).

A free gallery now, the Chase Gallery in SoHo. Exhibiting contemporary art, we saw works from graffiti artist Angel Ortiz (LA II/ LA2), paintings by Ole Aakjaer and a leftover Blek le Rat from a previous exhibition. Worth popping in if you're in the neighbourhood.

One of my absolute favourite museums was firmly on our agenda again, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, known widely as the MET. Tickets cost $30 each (£24.32) which is a bargain considering how vast and varied the collection there is. And it's not just artworks, I hasten to add. As always, we were not there long enough to do it justice - I reckon you could easily spend a week in there - but it was good to see some new things and try and find our old faves. However, we couldn't see the Karl Lagerfeld exhibition that was on because it was already at capacity when we arrived. Get there when the museum opens if there's something you really want to see exhibition-wise. 


Finally, the Museum of Modern Art, also known as MoMA. Tickets cost us $25 each (£20.31), and this art museum is definitely more manageable size-wise compared to the MET! In comparison to London where galleries are (mostly) free to enter but you pay for the exhibitions, in NYC you pay to enter but can go to all of the exhibitions (queues permitting). There was a rather excellent Georgia O'Keefe exhibition we got to see there this time round (and one on design, which felt too much like work, ha!).

Which art gallery would be on your list to go to? x

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