Seven fun things to do in Stockholm

When you're in Stockholm, there's definitely a lot of things you can see and do. Here's seven fun things you should put on your list the next time you find yourself in Sweden's capital: 

1. Go and marvel at a really big ship
Aaaaah, Vasa. It really is quite something. Which is why you must head to the Vasa Museum to marvel at a warship which set off on its maiden voyage in 1628, only to sink a mere 1300 metres into its journey. Fast forward 330 years and the ship was brought back to the surface, mostly intact because of the saltwater, and put on display. And it's a display worth marvelling at. The detail you can still see nearly 400 years on is incredible!

2. Embrace some culture
Possibly the coolest spot in town, Fotografiska is the place to go to check out the latest photography, art and culture in Stockholm. There's usually a few exhibitions on at a time, which you can peruse with a glass of something in your hand, if you so wish, and when you're done the excellent top floor bar and restaurant has quite the view to spend some time discussing what you've just seen.


3. Go Japanese
Swedish massages may be a big thing in Sweden but located around a twenty-minute drive from downtown Stockholm is Yasuragi, a Japanese spa that's worth spending some time at. We booked in for a day session, which allows you to be there from 8am to 4pm (don't worry, you don't have to arrive on the dot), and included a  two course lunch at Izakaya Nagi (you can book other restaurants there, but the price is more). As well as enjoying the waters, we booked treatments - I had the Japanese facial, whilst Olly had a bamboo massage. Pricey but worth it for us to relax. 

4. Admire the royal palaces
First up, in the centre of Stockholm, in the old town (Gamla Stan), is Kungliga Slottet. Also known as the Royal Palace. It's a working royal residence, and whilst you obviously can't see everywhere, you do have some seriously stunning rooms on display there. Make sure you also visit Skattkammaren, aka the treasury. And you might luck out and see changing of the guard happen, which we randomly did! (Despite me never seeing that happen in London!)

There are actually ten royal palaces dotted around, and the other one we went to was Drottningholm Palace, which is a bit further out in Stockholm (pictured at the top of this post) but easy enough to get there on public transport (take the underground to Brommaplan, then a bus to Drottningholm). It wasn't running whilst we were in town, but a boat service also runs in the summer months. A reasonably quick palace to do, it's also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. So definitely admire-worthy. 

5. Take a fika break
Fika is a way of life in Sweden, so you need to make sure you take a fika stop at least once. Which is basically a coffee and cake break. Tea also acceptable, as are other hot beverages. And cinnamon buns are a popular choice. 

6. Say thank you for the music
You can't think of Sweden without thinking of ABBA. So it makes sense for you to pay tribute to ABBA at ABBA The Museum. Even if you're not the biggest fan, it's a fascinating place. Plus if you've ever wondered about ABBA Voyage in London, you have the opportunity to get up on stage and perform with virtual ABBA. I was dreadful!

Added bonus, you can buy a combo ticket which also means you can do the Avicii Experience. I didn't know much about Tim Bergling, though I do know a lot of his songs, but it was fascinating - and sad - to find out about someone who clearly had a lot of talent but, sadly, a lot of mental health issues as well.  

7. Cruise around the archipelago 
Okay, admittedly this was less fun to do at the end of April because it was FREEZING on the water but it would become fun if you're there in warmer times, I'm sure. We did a loop from Stockholm to Vaxholm and back without getting off the boat - this tour - but there are tours where you can get off at Vaxholm to spend some time there, then board a later boat back.

Which would you do? x

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