Five fun things to do in NYC

Let's face it, I could have made this 500 fun things to do in NYC but, unless you live there, that's probably a little too ambitious. So, here's five fun things we did on our last trip to the Big Apple - all things you might want to put on your NYC bucket list. 

1. Take a journey through the Interverse
We headed to INTER_ to take a journey through the Interverse, which was the first of the interactive exhibitions we did in New York City this time round. Described as a place where you can self-explore, the space uses multi-sensory art and digital experiences to bring people together in a physical space. Basically there's a lot of installations and tech to have fun with, and wearing the 3D glasses they give you can reveal even more! 

We had a lot of fun in the 45 minutes we were there. Top tip: Drop to the back, if you can, as you'll find you get much more time playing with the various installations. Tickets cost us $34.69 each (£28.07). As an added bonus, you're right near the Firehouse, Hook & Ladder Company 8, aka the Ghostbusters fire station so drop by for a quick snap, once you're done. 

2. See a show (or two) on Broadway
Okay, this one is a repeat from my last visit's fun blog post, but I am always going to go and see a show (or two) whenever I'm in NYC. And I highly recommend you do the same! When I was looking to book, the Tony nominations had just been announced, which did change my original idea of seeing Funny Girl and Hadestown. And Hadestown announced they were transferring to the West End, so that ruled that out. 

Instead I booked Shucked and Kimberly Akimbo. Kimberly Akimbo had more nominations than Shucked - and actually won the Best New Musical - but Shucked was my preferred show out of the two, if I had to recommend just one! So corny, but good fun. Which Kimberly Akimbo was as well, but Shucked had the edge for me. As I'm finding with the West End nowadays, cheapest tickets tend to come direct from the theatre/show website. 

3. Or see a band at the Barclays Center or Madison Square Gardens   
If you prefer actual bands to musicals, then the Barclays Center in Brooklyn and Manhattan's Madison Square Gardens are the two main venues for gigs. We headed to the Barclays Center to catch Blink 182 on their North American tour, and they did not disappoint. (Sport is also played at each respective stadium - we've been to the Barclays Center before for the basketball. Also an option!) 

4. Get cultural at Hall des Lumières
Back to something a bit more interactive - and a bit more cultural. I told you we'd done a few of these! So first up, the building itself, Hall des Lumières is pretty cool. It actually used to be the Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank, and it's large enough that three exhibitions can run at the same time.

The one we did, Destination Cosmos: The Immersive Space Experience, is still on until the end of the month. And you'd be right in thinking that with a name like that it would be all about space! Tickets cost us $29.72 each (£24.15) and whilst the movie loops and lasts about an hour, you can stay as long as you like.

5. Or get arty at ARTECHOUSE
Which could be you immersing yourself into the Pantone Color of the Year 2023, which is what was on when we went to ARTECHOUSE. Viva Magenta, if you're curious, was the Pantone Color of the Year 2023 and that's why they called the experience MAGENTAVERSE. Tickets cost us $29.46 each (£23.91) and, again, the experiences last around an hour but you can stay as long as you like. 

Anything you'd do the next time you're in town? x

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