Plans are like buses, or something like that

It's Thursday, which means I have the following options available to me:

1. Go to a Zumba class with work people, followed by drinks
2. Meet a friend from Yorks who is working in London today
3. Enjoy myself as a VIP at London Fashion Weekend kick-off
4. Dine at Michelin star Rhodes W1 Restaurant

Yes, London life is proving to be exciting and eventful! Option #4 wins, though I will admit I am disappointed to miss out on getting the VIP treatment at Somerset House. It's probably a good thing though that I'm staying away as you can buy designer goodies with up to 70% off... 70% off designer prices is still too much for me at the moment, but maybe if I'm lucky I won't have to pay for dinner. That's sort of like getting a designer discount!

The other thing happening today is I'm guest-blogging about finding time for your dreams; in my case, my writing dreams. Mosey on over and have a read. Happy Thursday, Treacles! xoxo


  1. I am going to my friend's house to celebrate my Goddaughters 3rd Birthday :D So excited! But it needs to stop raining so that she can show me and Chris her new bike :D

  2. How did you end up with number 3??

  3. Hope your goddaughter had a fab 3rd birthday, Han!

    It's who you know, David. :D Though, sadly, I didn't get to go, but Rhodes W1 restaurant was amazing. :)