Customer complaint to ASOS

I have a confession to make, I like buying clothes. But, I'm not limited to mere clothes: I also like buying bags, shoes, hats, belts and so on. It always takes me forever and a day though to find a belt I truly love. After months of searching, I finally found said truly loved belt on ASOS - a French Connection belt that was half price, making it £25. Bargain!

However, the second time I wore the belt it snapped in two, threads hanging lose. Uh-oh... I got in touch with ASOS explaining that I had a faulty item and they told me to send it back to them so they would investigate: "Once your parcel has arrived and we have inspected the item we will contact you as soon as possible to advise further." That seemed fair, so off to the post office I went.

A week later I received an automatic email from ASOS informing me that my belt had been received and that I was to be refunded £5. When it comes to faulty goods, items are supposed to be repaired or replaced; if this isn't possible, as a last resort, you get a refund. Checking on the site, they had the belt in stock:

You can click on the image for a larger version of the image.

I wanted the belt exchanging, yet I was given a refund... What was even more strange is I was only refunded £5, not £25. Twelve emails later that spanned 5.5 hours, I finally got confirmation that I would be refunded the amount I paid for the item. (Initially, I was only offered 10% discount on my next order.)

Firstly, before I go into the nitty gritty, I do want to say that ASOS were prompt with their replies. They answered within two working hours, unlike River Island who took three days to answer a question I had. I can't fault ASOS on this.

What I can fault them on though is that my choice was taken away. I was initially told if I wanted to buy the belt again, I would have to reorder it at a cost of £25... With faulty goods, it's the retailer's responsibility to sort out the faulty product for you. Issuing a £5 refund and telling me I had to pay another £25 for the belt was not sorting this out. If I did do that I, effectively, would have paid £45 for the belt whilst everyone else paid £25!

I am pleased my issue was eventually resolved, but I'm not happy with ASOS' process. As a customer you are entitled to receive an item of "satisfactory" quality, one fit for purpose. It is the retailer's responsibility to sort this out for you if something goes wrong (unless, obviously, you bought direct from the manufacturer). This is usually a repair, a replacement, or a refund if no replacement is available.

I have to say, I've gone off the belt because of this so I won't be reordering it - the search is on for a new belt - but I have to urge you all, if you have an issue with something that you've bought, please exercise your rights and make the company you bought it from make things right. I still love ASOS, and will continue to use them, but I share this tale for those of you who have an issue like this and aren't sure how to resolve it. Remember, you are entitled to receive the product you have paid for - make sure you do!

Has anyone else had problems over items/services you've bought that haven't been up to scratch? Let me know and share your tales of retail woe! x


  1. What? How is that possible? I don't think that's legal in the U.S. It's full refund or bust!

    And I really want to check out what ASOS has to offer, but I'm nervous now!

  2. I'm going to tell a totally opposite story. I bought a watch from Next 2 months ago and noticed that the silver colouring had worn off the back of it and it was showing the stainless steel underneath. Walked into the store yesterday, picked up a replacement and explained to the server - sorted within 5 minutes, no questions.

    I always think that online retailers feel they can get away with more as you can't stand in front of them and demand things be put right

  3. Hello,
    I'm really sorry to hear you had problems with your ASOS order.
    I work for ASOS and would like to get this resolved for you asap. Please could you just confirm your order number and I'll contact you directly?
    Thanks, Charlotte

    1. Thanks for sharing your blog about Asos Elle, its so interesting because I too have just had a massive problem with ASOS and sent a long complaint letter. Like someone quite rightly said on here, unless you are standing infront of them, online companies like asos can hide and dont seem so bothered about are not keeping their customers happy.

  4. Hi Charlotte,

    Like I said in my post, it was eventually resolved and I now have my full refund. I'm more miffed at the amount of time it took to get solved though and all the to-ing and fro-ing that went on which is why I've blogged about it.

    @LizSara - I've had problems with Argos before - I think it's sometimes staff not having adequate awareness of a customer's rights, though that still lies with the company who should make sure they've had adequate training. It's not that we are being difficult customers either, it's just that we want a decent product seeing as we've paid for it!

    @Alison - This is the first time I've had a problem with them in 7 years, not bad innings really! Don't be nervous and do check them out. :)

  5. That's awful and completely opposite to my experiences with ASOS. I've had to return a couple of faulty things to them in the last few months and both times they sent me out a replacement before I even sent the faulty item back! Plus gave me a discount code each time!

  6. Hi, I am having massive problems with ASOS ATM! I bought a watch 29/11/16 as a xmas present. The watch was £319.00 i had 20% discount so paid £255.20. After opening the watch on xmas day we realised the opener/catch was faulty it took ages to get it to open. We took it to a jewellers and they said return it to the seller as it will end up breaking as it is faulty. So I did just that. I contacted ASOS on 29/12/16 advised them on webchat and got a new click and collect lable. Sent it back to them. 10 days later i got an automatic response advising they had issued me a refund. I the spent over 4 hours that day on webchat and messenger trying to get them to stop the refund as i Wanted a replacement. They told me to re order the watch. The thing is they have now put the watch up to £450.00 and are refusing to honour me with the price i paid! I know the watch was in stock that day. There is no other reason than the price which is why they are refusing to replace my watch!! I have made a formal complaint and intend to go to the retail ombudsman and anywhere else I can to get them to replace my watch or honour the price i paid for me to re order it.
    Shocking DISGUSTING service

  7. I bought shoes on asos. They came with one broken. Tried to contact asos and they told me I would have to wait up to 19 days to get sorted. Worst customer service I have ever encountered. Do not buy from!!!!!

  8. I just bought quite a few pieces from asos and clicked for Express delivery which is supposed to be deliver within two days, but it hasn't arrive, called their customer service and they only said it is on the way you just have to wait, can't do anything about it, as if there's nothing wrong! Supposed it arrive on the 12th, now they said it will arrive before the 23rd! Because I was talking to their cs with their online chat, and when I was still complaining my parcel is late and they are not doing anything to compensate the delay, their CS just shut down our conversation! Totally disappointing and rude!