Moving, musicals and Michelin star restaurants!

Well, I'm here in London and now feeling a little less lost than I was on Saturday. Though, I have to say, I'm suffering from information and name overload, as is guaranteed in any new job! I'm sure in a few weeks time I'll be just fine though.

Where I'm living has it's pros and cons - I'm only a 7 minute walk away from work, but the area's not that fabulous. My room is OK, but the kitchen is tiny which I really don't like. It is cheap though and I deliberately picked a cheap, reasonable place so I can clear my credit card bills and build up some pennies. I'll never love this room, but at least I know it's not permanent because I plan to move more central in the new year (my job contract is only guaranteed until January/February 2011 and the likelihood is that my next job will be centrally-based). I may not be thrilled with where I am, but I can survive it in the grander scheme of things.

I still have a few more bits and pieces to buy this week for my room, and I also need to check out the gym, but I also have some fun things planned.

I've succumbed already and booked to see some musicals, my excuse being I've only seen Legally Blonde so far this year. ;) On Saturday I'll be seeing Sweet Charity, next week I'll be seeing Sister Act, and I'll also be seeing Oliver! in a few weeks time - exciting! I think I'll have practically seen everything on the West End once those are seen!

I'm dining at Rhodes W1 Restaurant next week - that's another Michelin star restaurant to cross off our list! I went to Tamarind last month and on the cards for October is one of Marco Pierre White's restaurants.

Any exciting plans coming up? Do tell! xoxo


  1. Apart from going to Spain two weeks tomorrow, I have nothing exciting planned.

    If (and it's a big "if" as I haven't gone down for the December session in the entire time i've worked in my dept) I'm down in London in December to help out with the exams, we should meet up. Like I said though, unlikely I'll get to go, but you never know!

  2. Spain's exciting! You'll have a fab time! :)

    And yes, if you're down in December, let me know!! :) We need to sort out me visiting Glasgow, too. :)