Leaving Leeds for London

Today is my last day at work in Leeds and given I am super duper efficient, I don't actually have anything to do in the office. At home, on the other hand, I could be boxing up my billions of book, de-cluttering and packing for my move to London tomorrow.

 Ah, my books. Given I have so many I'm happy that they can stay at the 'rents' house. But, the thought of having no books with me is daunting; then again, choosing my absolute favourites to take with me... that's truly daunting. I think I'm going to have to randomly grab a few from a pile of favourites.

It's still not sunk in that I'm going tomorrow and that I'll permanently be in London. I'll now no longer be a part-time girlfriend as the boy will be 20 minutes away, not 200 miles. I'll also be living in the same city as best friend from school and uni friends, but I'll be living in a space which has a kitchen that is seven times smaller than what I'm used to and a bedroom that's half the size... not to mention the fact I'll have to share a bathroom for the first time ever - meep!

However, one thing that I'm ecstatic about is my commute to work. I know, I know, the commute is what most Londoners complain of, but I'm not. That's because I walk out of my door, walk for 5 minutes and... I'm at work! Being able to walk to work in London is amazing and much better than the 90 minutes it currently takes me to get into Leeds on a morning!

The only downside to this is that I will be selling my beloved car Sulley who I've had since I was 17 - thankfully my 'rents will be taking care of this as I know I would not be able to hand over the keys to the new owner. It's silly though to keep a car in London so it's for the best.

One thing I'm really looking forward to is being able to resume writing. This year has mostly been spent job-hunting in the evening and spending weekends in London meaning I've had very little time to write. One of the first things I sorted out to take with me was my writing notebooks and drafts - I can't wait to get settled in and get writing (though I'm really not looking forward to actually moving everything).

What's the biggest move you've ever done? If you could only have your favourite books with you, which would you choose? xoxo


  1. 60% rise - woah! If I got that much I'd actually be able to go to Ruby's Wedding in Aussie in March, and actually pay for my holiday to Italy and stay somewhere kinda nice lol.

    Books - I know that feeling I need to have a proper clear out and get rid of all those bits that I save just in case

  2. My biggest move so far was leaving the wild West Country to go to Liverpool for Uni - a journey i will hopefully be almost making in reverse next year...only with a house full of stuff rather than a car full.

    I couldn't choose favourite books to there would just be too many i don't know how you do that

  3. I need to be good though Han and use that pay increase to pay off my credit card bill!

    Ooh, you're moving back, LizSara? :) My biggest move isn't this one - it's when I went to Uni in Scotland. Now, moving from St Andrews to London would have been an epic move!!

  4. My biggest move was from my parents house in new zealand to big bad london at the age of 20, it was scary!

    By the way if you're looking for a digital agency for your website overhaul, I work for a good one based in Soho.

  5. Ooh, that is a big move!

    They've already hired an agency - I'm just implementing their existing plan, making sure it all goes smoothly, then reworking all the content for them. I think because they've had a lot of people fight against this overhaul internally, they've brought in someone external (me) to bear their moaning as an outsider - meep!