Customer complaint to ASOS

I have a confession to make, I like buying clothes. But, I'm not limited to mere clothes: I also like buying bags, shoes, hats, belts and so on. It always takes me forever and a day though to find a belt I truly love. After months of searching, I finally found said truly loved belt on ASOS - a French Connection belt that was half price, making it £25. Bargain!

However, the second time I wore the belt it snapped in two, threads hanging lose. Uh-oh... I got in touch with ASOS explaining that I had a faulty item and they told me to send it back to them so they would investigate: "Once your parcel has arrived and we have inspected the item we will contact you as soon as possible to advise further." That seemed fair, so off to the post office I went.

A week later I received an automatic email from ASOS informing me that my belt had been received and that I was to be refunded £5. When it comes to faulty goods, items are supposed to be repaired or replaced; if this isn't possible, as a last resort, you get a refund. Checking on the site, they had the belt in stock:

You can click on the image for a larger version of the image.

I wanted the belt exchanging, yet I was given a refund... What was even more strange is I was only refunded £5, not £25. Twelve emails later that spanned 5.5 hours, I finally got confirmation that I would be refunded the amount I paid for the item. (Initially, I was only offered 10% discount on my next order.)

Firstly, before I go into the nitty gritty, I do want to say that ASOS were prompt with their replies. They answered within two working hours, unlike River Island who took three days to answer a question I had. I can't fault ASOS on this.

What I can fault them on though is that my choice was taken away. I was initially told if I wanted to buy the belt again, I would have to reorder it at a cost of £25... With faulty goods, it's the retailer's responsibility to sort out the faulty product for you. Issuing a £5 refund and telling me I had to pay another £25 for the belt was not sorting this out. If I did do that I, effectively, would have paid £45 for the belt whilst everyone else paid £25!

I am pleased my issue was eventually resolved, but I'm not happy with ASOS' process. As a customer you are entitled to receive an item of "satisfactory" quality, one fit for purpose. It is the retailer's responsibility to sort this out for you if something goes wrong (unless, obviously, you bought direct from the manufacturer). This is usually a repair, a replacement, or a refund if no replacement is available.

I have to say, I've gone off the belt because of this so I won't be reordering it - the search is on for a new belt - but I have to urge you all, if you have an issue with something that you've bought, please exercise your rights and make the company you bought it from make things right. I still love ASOS, and will continue to use them, but I share this tale for those of you who have an issue like this and aren't sure how to resolve it. Remember, you are entitled to receive the product you have paid for - make sure you do!

Has anyone else had problems over items/services you've bought that haven't been up to scratch? Let me know and share your tales of retail woe! x

Exposed: I am content

For the first time since I moved to London two weeks ago, I feel happy and content. My room is sorted, I've joined the gym, and I'm slowly getting into a routine. I still need to look into a fun course to sign up to - something creative, methinks - and get my head completely around my new job, but I am getting there.

I've also had a fantastic time these past few days; dined at the yummy Rhodes W1 Restaurant on Thursday night, saw the fabbity Sister Act on Friday night, and I've just had a tourist weekend visiting the London Film Museum (don't bother, the only decent thing is the Charlie Chaplin exhibition) and getting some culture at the Tate Modern Exposed exhibition.

Which brings me to customer service - the wonderful thing about the web is that it gives you a voice to expose the good, the bad and the ugly. Sometimes you use it to praise companies that have gone above and beyond - like the OECD when they helped me find some information I desperately needed - but sometimes you just have to tell it how it is and share unsatisfactory service. I'll be doing just that in the next few days.

Until then, tell me, how are you all feeling? Any exciting plans for the week ahead? xoxo

PS: I will be resuming blogging about my writing. I know I've been mostly talking about the professional side of life lately with my move to London, but I shall be more forthcoming about my pipe dream within the next week or so. {^_^}

Plans are like buses, or something like that

It's Thursday, which means I have the following options available to me:

1. Go to a Zumba class with work people, followed by drinks
2. Meet a friend from Yorks who is working in London today
3. Enjoy myself as a VIP at London Fashion Weekend kick-off
4. Dine at Michelin star Rhodes W1 Restaurant

Yes, London life is proving to be exciting and eventful! Option #4 wins, though I will admit I am disappointed to miss out on getting the VIP treatment at Somerset House. It's probably a good thing though that I'm staying away as you can buy designer goodies with up to 70% off... 70% off designer prices is still too much for me at the moment, but maybe if I'm lucky I won't have to pay for dinner. That's sort of like getting a designer discount!

The other thing happening today is I'm guest-blogging about finding time for your dreams; in my case, my writing dreams. Mosey on over and have a read. Happy Thursday, Treacles! xoxo

My Tweek

I saw this on... um, someone's blog, and thought it was kind of interesting: "My Tweek". Basically, it's your week summed up by your tweets. (I have no idea what happened to Thursday.)


Morning Treacles. It's grey and rainy in my bit of London - looks suspiciously like Leeds! ;) New job begins at 10am. Fingers crossed!

I'd forgotten how much money it costs to stock a kitchen from scratch.

Met all my housemates now - I am living with two French girls and a French boy. Let's hope they're Anglophiles!

Instead of spending 15 mins in the morning cooking myself a bacon butty, I'm leaving 15 mins earlier to get one from work for 80p. Bargain!


Excel is ruddy irritating.

Pretty much survived day #2 in new job - picking up a few more bits and pieces for my room after work to make it purty. :)

Am wondering if a knife would work instead of a screwdriver... Note to self: Always read small print to see if assemblage is required!

OK, it's 6 pieces of wood. How hard can this be to assemble?! I can do this. With my knife-screwdriver.

The knife-screwdriver does now work. Ah.

OK, this is going back. Have ordered a new laundry basket and this one really does require NO assembling!

Just been updating my LinkedIn profile. Tuesday nights aren't what they used to be (party nights).


Hurrah, looks like I may be getting an assistant from October. I've only ever been in charge of myself - exciting!

Got 2 invites today to go out next Thursday - I already have plans. Typical! But they are amazing plans I already have. :)

I am at work. Wearing my glasses. :o The sky *is* falling Chicken Little

Not impressed. Belt I bought a few weeks ago from French Connection has snapped. Grrrr. Shoddy. And it was ruddy expensive too. COMPLAINING.


Writing my Comms plan; still finding it quite strange being a project manager with a 'baby'.

Had a message from Marco Pierre White's asking me to confirm a dinner reservation tomorrow at 19.00... it's 19.30, and in a few weeks' time.

At The Ranelagh. In Bounds Green? Wood Green? Somewhere Green?

Fishfinger sandwich from the pub. :D


Going to see Sweet Charity today on the West End. {^_^} And it's my niece's birthday. I bought her a Jessie from Toy Story backpack.

It's started, seeing St Andreans on the tube. How can the 3-street effect happen in London? Howwww?!

This is the first time I've been in Central London as a resident, not a tourist. Giddy. (I know, bless. ;) )

Perfect seats for Sweet Charity: Stalls, 8 rows from the stage, smack bang in the middle. Happy face. I ruddy love musicals.

The couple behind me are arguing about something that happened to them in May 1964 ... Jeesh. Get over it already.

It's 18.16... and I've only just had my first cup of tea of the day! *dies*

Sweet Charity was good, but I'm ridiculously excited about Sister Act next week.

I'm a good person. So if I could just win £4 million or so on the lottery to buy my own place in London, that would be AWESOME SAUCE. Ta. x

Housemates are jabbering away in French. The only things I have been able to understand are "ca va?" and "Marks and Spencers"

The Pizza Express supermarket version of Pollo ad Astra definitely isn't as nice as the restaurant version. :(


Nephew and niece have cruelly been told by my brother that I live in London with The Queen. Those poor children.

I'm quite excited about joining the library; I might even join their Book Club. Ooh!

Happy face. Finally found a supermarket that sells my butter. It's the little things that make me :)

Heading to Covent Garden to catch up with my flatmate from uni. {^_^}

Waiting for my Yorkshire puddings to rise. Am making myself a mini Sunday roast. {^_^}

Call this a breakfast? Where's the hash browns?!

Moving, musicals and Michelin star restaurants!

Well, I'm here in London and now feeling a little less lost than I was on Saturday. Though, I have to say, I'm suffering from information and name overload, as is guaranteed in any new job! I'm sure in a few weeks time I'll be just fine though.

Where I'm living has it's pros and cons - I'm only a 7 minute walk away from work, but the area's not that fabulous. My room is OK, but the kitchen is tiny which I really don't like. It is cheap though and I deliberately picked a cheap, reasonable place so I can clear my credit card bills and build up some pennies. I'll never love this room, but at least I know it's not permanent because I plan to move more central in the new year (my job contract is only guaranteed until January/February 2011 and the likelihood is that my next job will be centrally-based). I may not be thrilled with where I am, but I can survive it in the grander scheme of things.

I still have a few more bits and pieces to buy this week for my room, and I also need to check out the gym, but I also have some fun things planned.

I've succumbed already and booked to see some musicals, my excuse being I've only seen Legally Blonde so far this year. ;) On Saturday I'll be seeing Sweet Charity, next week I'll be seeing Sister Act, and I'll also be seeing Oliver! in a few weeks time - exciting! I think I'll have practically seen everything on the West End once those are seen!

I'm dining at Rhodes W1 Restaurant next week - that's another Michelin star restaurant to cross off our list! I went to Tamarind last month and on the cards for October is one of Marco Pierre White's restaurants.

Any exciting plans coming up? Do tell! xoxo

Feeling lost

I'm feeling a little bit lost right now, sort of like I'm in no-man's-land. This morning I was in Dorset, now I'm in Yorkshire, and for an hour this morning I was in my flat in London.

Tomorrow afternoon I head back to London with more things - mainly my writing drafts, laptop and odds and ends - but part of me feels like I don't want to go. It's silly. I know I'll be fine when I get there, unpack, and make my room mine, but there is a small part of me that believes I could quite happily stay here.

But, I experienced the same thing when I first moved to Scotland for university - I really didn't want to go. There were tears, there were tantrums, but flash forward to six weeks before my first year had even finished and I was crying my eyes out at the thought of having to leave for the summer!

And, the thing is, this is completely different. I moved to St Andrews knowing no one; I'm moving to London where my boyfriend, best friend and lots of my friends live. I'm a lot more older and wiser than I was at 18 (supposingly) - am I wrong to feel apprehensive and a little lost? Probably, but right now that's how I feel. Roll on next weekend when I'm settled in and have survived my first week in my new job - I'm sure I'll scoff at these worries this time next week, I hope so anyway! xoxo

Leaving Leeds for London

Today is my last day at work in Leeds and given I am super duper efficient, I don't actually have anything to do in the office. At home, on the other hand, I could be boxing up my billions of book, de-cluttering and packing for my move to London tomorrow.

 Ah, my books. Given I have so many I'm happy that they can stay at the 'rents' house. But, the thought of having no books with me is daunting; then again, choosing my absolute favourites to take with me... that's truly daunting. I think I'm going to have to randomly grab a few from a pile of favourites.

It's still not sunk in that I'm going tomorrow and that I'll permanently be in London. I'll now no longer be a part-time girlfriend as the boy will be 20 minutes away, not 200 miles. I'll also be living in the same city as best friend from school and uni friends, but I'll be living in a space which has a kitchen that is seven times smaller than what I'm used to and a bedroom that's half the size... not to mention the fact I'll have to share a bathroom for the first time ever - meep!

However, one thing that I'm ecstatic about is my commute to work. I know, I know, the commute is what most Londoners complain of, but I'm not. That's because I walk out of my door, walk for 5 minutes and... I'm at work! Being able to walk to work in London is amazing and much better than the 90 minutes it currently takes me to get into Leeds on a morning!

The only downside to this is that I will be selling my beloved car Sulley who I've had since I was 17 - thankfully my 'rents will be taking care of this as I know I would not be able to hand over the keys to the new owner. It's silly though to keep a car in London so it's for the best.

One thing I'm really looking forward to is being able to resume writing. This year has mostly been spent job-hunting in the evening and spending weekends in London meaning I've had very little time to write. One of the first things I sorted out to take with me was my writing notebooks and drafts - I can't wait to get settled in and get writing (though I'm really not looking forward to actually moving everything).

What's the biggest move you've ever done? If you could only have your favourite books with you, which would you choose? xoxo

Leeds Festival 2010

Slightly belated post on my Saturday spent at Leeds Festival 2010, but I'm seriously burnt out at the moment with one thing and another. Sunglasses truly are fabulous at covering dark circles, though I wish I'd spotted this Cath Kidston pac-a-mac before the Festival to keep stylishly dry!

Conveniently for me, Bramham Park, where Leeds Festival is held, is a 20 minute drive from the 'rents house. It wasn't swampy, but I was ridiculously glad of my wellies as my feet were stamped upon quite a few times... Memo to self: Never be right at the front again for the headlining act!

Yes, we were at the front for Blink 182. Sounds marvellous in theory but in practice meant we were packed like sardines against the barrier whilst eejits pushed from the back to get... I have no idea where. Needless to say, after four or five songs fearing for our lives - wish that was an exaggeration - we pushed backwards and got some much needed space (and air) and were able to start enjoying Blink 182. Let me just say, Travis Barker is an INCREDIBLE drummer.

I'd been bashed about earlier in the day when Limp Bizkit played... Who knew that when the song Rollin' was played you were supposed to fling yourself sideways, backwards and use people as human trampolines to fling yourself upwards?! I certainly didn't as I was never a fan of them, but the crowd seemed to love Fred Durst and the gang.

As for the crowd surfers... I saw more of them splat on the floor than I did surf to the front. Memo to crowd surfers, who are usually men that are 6ft tall and 6ft wide: Crowd surfing during All Time Low, You Me At Six and Paramore is a bad idea as the front is packed with teenyboppers who will let you plummet because they cannot hold your weight! That also includes me by the way, which is why I ended up getting kicked in the head. Ouch.

Whereas I could just about cope with the idiots throwing liquid over the crowd - keeping all fingers crossed it wasn't something more sinister - the delightful people throwing still-lit cigarettes up in the crowd was quite possibly the most dangerous thing I saw. And, the thing is ten years ago - heck, five years ago - this sort of thing wouldn't have blipped on my radar... I must be getting old. (Or perhaps it just felt that way as the festival seemed to have a mean age of 16 years old.)

Now, I'm not saying I didn't have fun - I did - but there's no way I could survive a weekend of camping. I was wiped out from one day at Bramham Park, not to mention financially wiped out from the over-priced food vans, and I was glad to hop in my taxi to take me back to a comfy, dry bed!
I have to say though, I absolutely LOVED Weezer, who were definitely my favourite band of the day. They did some brilliant covers of Erasure's A Little Respect, MGMT's Kids Oracular and Lady Gaga's Poker Face (complete with blonde wig for Rivers Cuomo), but ended with (If You're Wondering If I Want You to) I Want You To and Buddy Holly, my two absolute favourite Weezer songs.

Whereas I am glad I went to see some pretty sweet bands play, I'm thinking the next time I go to a festival it would be really nice to be one of those special VIPs who get to watch from the side of the stage away from the crowds! How about you, what do you think to festivals? Which ones have you been to? x


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