Book review: 24 Hours London

Despite not been born there, and currently not living there (boo!), I am a London girl through and through. Which is funny, because the first time I ever stepped foot into Blighty's capital as a child, I HATED the place.

But, London is a place that truly has something for everyone - a true melting pot - as I went on to discover once I'd put my disastrous visit aside. So much so, I thought there would be very little to surprise me when I read Marsha Moore's 24 Hours London - I was wrong.

24 Hours London is different in that it is an around-the-clock guide to what to do in London. Which, when I thought about it, makes it not only the perfect book for me as a London-lover, but also for my characters if, let's say, they are stuck for something to do at 5am. If Arielle had Marsha's book then she might have gone to Breakfast at Egg instead of Piers' house and *that* could have made for an entirely different ending! ;)

The book has the sorts of suggestions that truly are London's best-kept secrets (forget Hamleys, go play at the Playlounge; listen to a free lunchtime lecture at Gresham College, or visit the largest Hindu temple outside of India), and it really shows off the depth and breadth of what London has beyond the known and obvious tourist traps (though these are of course still pretty fabbity to visit!). Written not as a stiff, formal guide, it's easy-to-read, plus includes all relevant details.

Whether it's for a personal trip or as a location tool for making your characters post-Cool Britannia, this book is definitely worth buying.


  1. I have never been to London or England in general but have always wanted to go. I'll have to keep in this book in mind.

  2. I'm totally going to have to get this book. After researching it for my book, I'm in love with it and can't wait to visit it!

  3. @ The Odd Duck - If you do decide to visit, definitely buy it! :)

    @ Pam - London is amazing, so you shoudl definitely buy the book AND visit ASAP! :)