Back up your back-ups!

In May 2008, I suffered the nightmare of having my laptop blow up on me. Now, this probably wouldn't have been an issue - apart from the cost of having to buy a new one - but I stupidly hadn't backed up my files. It wasn't merely that I could lose photos and music, it was my books I would have been saying bye-bye to as well. Panic.

Thankfully, my files were retrievable and I learnt a very valuable lesson to back up my work. Call me over-zealous but I do that now on not one, but two external hard drives.

Except, last night, I wanted to access some photos... and both wouldn't work. At all. It wasn't as bad as I originally feared as I found a CD back-up of some of the photos, but I was missing my graduation ceremony and trip to the Caribbean. Thankfully I've managed to retrieve those photos, but it just shows how unreliable flash disks can be.

If you don't want to lose your files, back up your back-ups. You can never have too many copies judging by what happened to me last night!

Has anyone ever suffered a nightmare like this? How many copies do you make of your most important files?


  1. Of my super most important files - e.g. my writing - I actually keep a back-up online in google documents. I figure it's the safest bet!

    Luckily I've never lost anything. But once I did have the blue screen of death, just days after making a backup onto an external hard drive.

  2. I've not wrote anything for a long time (apart from blog posts and reviews) so have had little reason to back up anything. But it IS something I worry about.

  3. oh i've been through this!
    i've killed 3 different laptops,
    and luckily i backed it up most
    of the time (except the first
    time. that was when i learned
    my lesson).

    i have most pictures saved on
    facebook, and all my files backed
    up on 2 external hard drives (mine
    and my parents'), just in case!


  4. God that scares me all the time. >.<

    I have to buy an external hard drive, but currently my money is doing other things. However, I do like the google idea.

    Kudos to that poster.