Across the Universe

Has anyone seen the film Across the Universe? I am amazed this film escaped my attention back in 2007, but in the UK it was barely released into cinemas which explains why I've only just randomly come across this now.

It's set to songs from The Beatles, and how it opens made me automatically think of Moulin Rouge. It's certainly as colourful and kooky as MR. The choreography and art direction is amazing.

I'm not a fan of The Beatles in their own right (I have the memory of listening to one of their more trippy albums stuck in the middle-of-nowhere in a chateau in France and thinking WTF), but I love the use of their music in the likes of LOVE by Cirque du Soleil, and now in Across the Universe.

Trailer below. Awesome film. This is the sort of all-singing, all-dancing, highly-visual film I would love to pen one day. It's all in my head (and it actually is and has been for a few years now - I can watch it as I would stick on a DVD to watch), I just need to get it down on paper.


  1. I heart this movie so much!!! I like some of the Beatles music and now I love more of it because of this movie. I could watch this over and over again and listen to the soundtrack all day long. The movie was beautifully done too.

  2. I'm glad someone *hearts* this film as much as I do, Pam! {^_^} Yey!