Where to eat in New York City

Ah, food. New York City has plenty of amazing places you can eat. Which I have blogged about before. So make sure you have a look there. But, if you're after a more up-to-date list, here's where we ate on our most recent trip to The Big Apple.

Starting with breakfast/brunch, we mostly grab bagels when we're in town but this time round our hotel, The Evelyn, did give us breakfast vouchers for the bakery downstairs. We did grab food there once or twice, but we also had the BEST gochujang and scallion buttermilk biscuit from H&M Bakery at Olly Olly Market. Bagels were enjoyed at Bagels & Schmear, Pio Bagel West and Chelsea Bagel & Cafe - all tip top bagels. And we also went for brunch at Clinton Street Baking Company - I had their fried chicken and waffles, which was nice, but I think the restaurant is a bit overhyped nowadays. 

For snacks or lighter meals, it would be wrong to be in NYC and not get a slice (or two) of pizza. Gone are the days really of $1 slices, but you still can't go wrong with Joe's Pizza and Bleecker Street Pizza. They're city-wide, but we went to the Greenwich Village ones. (We also went to Hancock Street for drinks before pizza at Bleecker Street Pizza, where they sat Alec Baldwin on the table next to us! Literally ten minutes after Jane Krakowski scootered by.)

More snack/lighter options for lunch include Los Tacos No. 1, which is one of the most affordable (and yum) places to eat in the city. I'd literally get everything on the menu - and I'm pretty sure we did! At the Time Out Market I had excellent Indian food from Chote Miya - super yum, though you'll now find them in Chelsea Market - and we made the only repeat restaurant visit of our trip to Xi'an Famous Foods. Like we found back in 2019, they still have the best hand-pulled noodles in town.

Last time round we didn't make it to any bakeries, but we did get to Bipple & Sip this time for a rather cute lucky hazelnut cake and a refreshing lavender lemonade. Highly recommend. And whilst we personally had yum lunches at both Momofuku Noodle Bar and Tavern on the Green, they are great dinner spots as well. Fancy splashing out? Oxomoco is a scrumptious Michelin-starred Mexican restaurant that we really enjoyed. 

I'll mention these because we ate there, but these are take or leave places. We found Hortus a pretty average place for dinner - for the price-tag, not worth it. Shake Shack is, well, Shack Shack. And the Brooklyn Delicatessen Times Square did a nice enough pastrami sandwich (a Reuben for Olly) but there's better delis in the city. Finally, whilst Nathan's Hotdogs might be seen as a NYC bucket list snack, we did not get the hype. So that one I would miss. x

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