Free things to do in NYC

The marvellous thing about New York City is that you can get that true NYC feeling by simply soaking up the atmosphere and having a mooch around. And you don't need to spend a penny (or cent) to do so.

I have blogged before on free things to do in NYC, and some of these we did repeat. You can't not go to Central Park, for example, when you're in the Big Apple - and the park remains one of my favourite places, though it was a lot busier in May than it was when we were there in December. 

We made sure we went back to the Hallett Nature Sanctuary, where we got engaged, but mostly we just ambled around in the sunshine. Took five minutes to watch people play pickleball, which was at the Wollman Rink - last time round we watched people ice skating.

We've walked past St Patrick's Cathedral plenty of times before, the ornate cathedral on Fifth Avenue, but this time we popped in. This is free, though there is a payable tour to explore the crypts, if you're interested. The cathedral was opened in 1879 - isn't it something!

If you're there, you're also practically opposite the Rockefeller Center, and it's worth a look. It goes without saying why if you're there at Christmas - the tree and ice rink, of course! - but this summer we came across a roller skating rink. 

Last time round I never made it down to see the Flatiron Building, right by Madison Square Park (not to be confused with the entertainment venue, Madison Square Garden, which is also home to the New York Knicks and the New York Rangers). Right by our hotel, it was unfortunately covered in scaffolding, but it is a cool building, regardless.

And, of course, we popped in to Grand Central Terminal, which has a rather excellent ticket hall. Always a fan of having a quick explore there - there's a food hall downstairs if you're feeling peckish. 

Let's face it, New York City is full of landmark sites; if the weather is nice, sometimes it's just worth a mooch around to see how many you can spot. Which is your favourite New York City landmark? x

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