Coronavirus diary: Weeks 9 and 10

Monday 11 May
So cold today. So tired. Feeling very drained.

Decided to bite the bullet and order a bike I like but don't love - obviously every bike I considered is now out of stock.

Tuesday 12 May
Ocado day. Can now get a weekly slot and book further slots in advance with them, plus have seen available slots on Sainsbury's for the first time since lockdown began. A return to supermarket normality, perhaps?

A biking miracle! (I hope.) Olly spotted a deal on a bike I liked and I managed to order it before the website said it was out of stock. Hurrah!

Completed the story part of Animal Crossing: New Horizons so now it's on to designing the island and paying off Tom Nook for all those house extensions.

Also, the best news: Hamilton is coming to Disney+ in July!!! Yasssssssssss!!!

Wednesday 13 May
Made Dishoom's tomato chilli jam again as we've already nommed through the first jar we made.

Thursday 14 May
Meetings, meetings, meetings.

Friday 15 May
More meetings. TGIF.

Had pizza and watched Cats in the evening, one musical I've never seen. A strange one!

Saturday 16 May
A lazy Saturday because I've been feeling pretty flat this past week.

Sunday 17 May
So close to finishing our 2,000 piece jigsaw...

Monday 18 May
We finished our 2,000 piece jigsaw - happy days!

Tuesday 19 May
Bakery deliveries today from Buzzing Bee Baked Things - a local microbakery in Wandsworth - and Bread Ahead at Borough Market.

Ordered from Bread Ahead weeks ago but an order mix up meant we only received today their sourdough starter and bake at home cookie dough. Box ripped and the lid was off the sourdough starter. Sigh.

Got sourdough bagels, cookies and truffles from Buzzing Bee Baked Things - will be ordering from them again!

Should have been at the theatre this evening for Dear Evan Hansen. Sad face.

Wednesday 20 May
Avoid, avoid, avoid! Despite daily messages from GO Outdoors telling me they are working hard to get my bike to me, woke up to an email saying they don't actually have my bike in stock but are still charging me £5 for a discount card I had to purchase to order said bike (but never wanted in the first place). SHADY.

A gorgeous day today though weather-wise - not that I got the chance to go outside to enjoy it. Once again laments lack of garden/outdoor space.

Started watching The Last Dance.

Thursday 21 May
Another hot, sunny day filled with meetings... But! I now have the next four days off. Hurrah!

Watched Bombshell in Concert, from the show Smash. I can't believe how long ago Smash was on now! (Or that it only ran for two seasons.)

Friday 22 May
A lazy day with takeaway in the evening from MEATliquor whilst watching The Sound of Music Live! Somehow know most of the songs, but convinced I've never seen the film version of it before.

Also finished watching The Last Dance, which was incredible, especially because I was a massive Chicago Bulls fan during the period in the documentary - but too young to appreciate Michael Jordan's immense talent.

Saturday 23 May
The natural thing to watch today after finishing The Last Dance? Space Jam, of course.

Sunday 24 May
Another lazy day, which included rewatching the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic games - a time when Great Britain was pretty great and not the shitshow it is today...

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