Coronavirus diary: Week 8

Monday 4 May
Woke up at 6am this morning so decided to stay in bed and read rather than try to get back to sleep. Finished off Half a World Away by Mike Gayle (4* from me) and started rereading The Martian by Andy Weir (5*).

Olly picked up the KitchenAid - woohoo! Can't wait to use it. So pretty.

Busy week at work this week, including an all-day meeting both today and tomorrow.

Watched Frankenstein with Benedict Cumberbatch as the Creature, then managed half of Thor Ragnarok before I needed to sleep.

Tuesday 5 May
Up again in the night so tiredness is the word of the day. At least all I had to do in my all-day meeting was listen.

Wednesday 6 May
Had two presentations to do, which was strange. Have no issues presenting in person but over video is weird because you miss those verbal cues. Still, went down well.

Got our first Craft Gin Club box today and it's the prettiest bottle of gin - very impressed.

Olly used the KitchenAid for the first time to make us a Victoria sponge cake. Yum! (Apart from the fruit; I scraped mine off.)

Thursday 7 May
Found out my team will likely be working from home until at least September, which means 25 weeks working from home... 2020 is going to be the lost year.

Had takeaway pizza from Rosmarino and tried our Craft Gin Club gin: La Distillerie de Monaco Gin aux Agrumes. So nice!

Friday 8 May
Should have been home alone this weekend as Olly was supposed to be in Amsterdam for a stag do. Obviously not there. So today became a lazy day.

Did some jigsaw with an Aperol Spritz. We will finish it this month!

Midnight Chicken arrived - such a beautiful cookbook.

Several houses on our street spent tonight chatting outside their houses whilst their children played together. I despair.

Saturday 9 May
My first walk out of the house since my birthday. Headed to Wandsworth Park and along the river - same as always, people sunbathing etc. More despair.

Investigated getting a bike. Of course all the ones I like are out of stock because everyone has obviously had the same thought.

Made the Race Car cocktail from the Craft Gin Club box - tasted amazing. Definitely need to reorder the cocktail syrup and some Spuma Polara to make more.

Downstairs had a BBQ tonight... We had a knock on our door and found two burgers waiting for us. So kind!

Tried to watch By Jeeves, this weekend's Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, but couldn't get into it.

Sunday 10 May
Such a miserable day today, so another lazy day.

Did go to Sainsbury's though for the first time in weeks. Felt wrong to be in there.

Update from Boris in the evening. Glad my work is awesome and I can stay at home in the months to come.

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