Coronavirus diary: Week 2

Monday 23 March
Woke up feeling much brighter, and it's a beautiful day out there. Wish we had a garden (or even a balcony) but realise a large flat without a garden is probably better than a small flat with a garden. Maybe. Also realised we probably won't be buying our house this year.

Popped to Sainsbury's to get our food for the week and it's the best we've seen it. They were even putting pasta out on the shelves - happy days!

Shout out to Grand Central Rail who were super helpful with their refund policy - a few companies should take note. British Airways, I'm looking at you.

8.30pm: It's official. Announcement by Boris. We're on lockdown.

Tuesday 24 March
Woke up in the night with lower back and hip pain. Joy.

Another sunny day. Went for a walk around Wandsworth Common at lunchtime, making full use of our one sanctioned "trip" out of the house to exercise. Saw more cars on the road than expected.

Got an email cancelling my birthday dinner reservation - it's at the end of April. Eek! As it stands the theatres are pencilled to reopen on my birthday. Hoping they do because I'm booked to see Mary Poppins then, my favourite West End musical. (No comments, let me live in denial a bit longer please.)

Speaking of Mary Poppins, it's Disney+ day - hurrah! Watched Moana. (Of course!) I want to watch every single Disney animation film in order. Now's the perfect time, right?

Wednesday 25 March
Another sunny day - spring is truly here. Flip-side: Lost my sense of smell and taste just before lunch. Is this hay fever or something else?! (And still got hip/back pain.)

Getting more used to doing video calls at work. It's easy, just keep the camera firmly switched off!

Thursday 26 March
Still no sense of smell or taste. It's not (yet) an official symptom so ventured outside for some fresh air. Hip and back pain still there.

Helped to organise silly awards at our "team drinks" tonight to lighten the mood - was feeling them more this week, thank goodness. The sunnier weather is helping.

Should have been at the theatre this evening to see Everybody's Talking About Jamie.

Friday 27 March
It's Friday! (What does that even mean anymore?)

Saturday 28 March
Lots of Two Point Hospital, Disney films and reading today.

Sunday 29 March
Miserable day, but at least we lost an hour of it. Had a weird downpour of hailstones with some on Twitter reporting a flurry of snow.

Still can't smell/taste; still have hip/back pain that wakes me up in the night.

Today was pretty similar to yesterday, overall, apart from the films we watched weren't Disney ones.

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