Coronavirus diary: Week 1

Monday 16 March
Should have been flying back from Berlin today. If we had gone, our flight back was cancelled so would likely have been a massive headache to get back from Germany as they are closing their borders.

Instead, I cancelled my annual leave and went to the office. Turns out for the last time as we were told to take everything home in case we got the order to work from home from tomorrow... we got that message as I was on the train home.

Went to Sainsbury's - ours is massive by London standards - and could only get one item from our list of five. No meat, fresh fruit and veg, bread, eggs, pasta, tinned food, medicine or loo roll. Gah. Regret leaving my stash of tea at work.

Tuesday 17 March
Surreal is the word of the day. Am working from home - which is not weird because I do it once a week - but everything feels strange.

Popped to Sainsbury's again to see if it was any better - it wasn't, but queued for the Ocado website and amended our order that's coming tomorrow. (So glad I booked a slot last week.) Made a risotto out of the random ingredients we could get.

Ordered some Pilates equipment from Amazon.

Wednesday 18 March
Happy days. Ocado order arrived and we were only missing pearl barley - had to jump off a team call to get it, but priorities! It's twelve days until our next delivery so here's hoping Sainsbury's improves/people stop stockpiling.

Thursday 19 March
Pilates equipment arrived. Let's see how long it takes me to use it!

Had five calls today, which was draining, but am super impressed with how my work is handling things. So happy to be working for such a nice company - even if it's working from home until at least Easter.

The three weddings we had in our diaries have all been pushed back to next year. Sad times.

Have made it our mission to complete the 2,000 piece jigsaw Olly bought me for Christmas. (Am dreadful at jigsaws!)

Friday 20 March
Low mood today - we did virtual drinks as a team over Skype and I couldn't muster any energy for it. The strangeness of the week has hit me hard today.

Sainsbury's was much better though - and we made focaccia to enjoy over the weekend. Ignored that our yeast is out-of-date (January 2020). A relief to hear that my parent's local supermarket got them bread from out the back as none on the shelves. Feels like there's not much I can do for them from London other than try and arrange online groceries (and call).

Saturday 21 March
Alarm set early on the off-chance Sky arrive at 8am to install it - they didn't, but we were up and running by mid-afternoon which is the most important thing!

Headed back to Sainsbury's as out of dishwasher tablets. Got some flowers (tulips and daffodils) to cheer up the place.

Watched Clueless in the evening - one of my favourite films.

Sunday 22 March
Made brownies. Baking powder had a best before date of July 2019; April 2019 for the vanilla extract. Me of one week ago would not have used these ingredients.

Realised there's now barely any planes flying overhead - we live on the Heathrow flight path - spotted a mere two from the kitchen window over the course of the day.

Downloaded Houseparty. Likely I'll have learned to live with seeing my resting bitch face on screen by the time this pandemic is over.

Also, convinced I had coronavirus today - headache, tight chest - then realised it was probably my hay fever playing up because of yesterday's flowers purchase. Despite this realisation, still went to bed feeling glum.

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