Paris by night


(Photos taken around Paris at night, December 2011)


  1. (Try again - I hit the wrong button and closed the window!)

    When we went to Paris our hotel was just about 3-5 minutes from Arc Du Triomphe. We walked past it on the way to the hotel and was a bit floored by the amount of traffic around there on a Saturday morning! The Lourve is amazing at day and night - we didn't get to go in but we had a picnic of Maccy D's on the grassy area across from the pyramid. (Towards the Metro Station with a proper art deco sign - I got very excited about that and I think CJ called me a geek!)

  2. Hehe - sounds like you had a fabbity time when you were in Paris. :) It's definitely worth going into the Louvre at least once, though apparently if you spent 1 minute looking at each item etc there, it would take you 4 months to see everything!! :O :)