Latest loves

When I left my last job, I was lucky enough to get Harvey Nichols vouchers as my leaving present (possibly because most Wednesdays I would appear back in the office after lunch with a bag from there: Wednesday lunch equated chip shop chips and a wee mooch on Briggate). I finally remembered to take the vouchers with me at the weekend and I'm very glad I did. I managed to snag some Paige jeans in the sale, reduced from £160 to £10(!) and some Sass & Bide jeans for £17, down from £180. Ruddy brilliant sale!

I saw Black Swan this week and I was absolutely blown away. It's  highly charged, erotic, neurotic, twisted, disturbing and hot!

The King's Speech is another awesome film that I've seen recently. The inter-war period is so interesting and after watching Upstairs Downstairs and reading The Golden Prince recently, I can't get enough of 1930's Britain at the moment.

Finally, Chanel gets a massive shout-out of love this week because of this fabbity video advertising their make-up. So awesome. Sadly the only Chanel I own is their make-up, but *one* day I shall have a few key Chanel clothing pieces in my possession!

What are you all loving at the moment? x


  1. I saw The King's Speech last week. I've read lots about Black Swan but I don't think I can go see it on my own so I need to organise my friends to go in a group (I'm a bit funny about thrillers lol). I also read The Golden Prince.

    I've been working my way through the first series of Doctor Who (Chris Eccleston as the Doctor). The Boy keeps telling me how he doesn't remember some of the episodes. I pointed out that the last time I saw alot of them was back in 2005 when they were televised lol. There are at least two Torchwood characters who appear as themselves or as other people in this first series it's kinda funny.

  2. I REALLY want to see Black Swan, alas I will have to wait for the DVD > LoveFilm release as I am sans money as always

    Currently I am loving Pretty Little Liars and Boardwalk Empire for my TV and the Christine Feehan 'Ghostwalkers' books

  3. I loved Black Swan too; it was amazing!

  4. I saw The Black Swan on Friday it was sooo good but some of it could have been implied rather than actually being on screen.