Bend... And snap!

Last week I shared something that makes me smile and what I was loving, and I'm doing the same again this week.

Last night I was lucky enough to snag some free tickets in the stalls for Legally Blonde. I've actually seen this before, last April, back when Sheridan Smith and Duncan James were in it, but last night was Susan McFadden's first night as Elle and I got to see Denise van Outen as Paulette. I enjoyed it more the first time, but it's a fab, fun and clever musical - it sets itself up beautifully with the "blondeness" - and it definitely put me in a happy mood and planted a BIG smile on my face.

I've seen a lot of mentions for Filofax recently, but my heart belongs to Moleskine. The only downside is that I like to "save" my many Moleskine notebooks to write something profound in them, but then find I have many notebooks with lots of lovely, crisp blank pages. Moleskine also do some pretty sweet videos showing how custom edition notebooks are made - anyone else a fan?

I am about 20 years behind - my father called it a "dinosaur" when he heard I was getting one - but I finally succumbed and got a BlackBerry. I'd love an iPhone, but I sadly can't justify £600 for one, which is what it costs if you just need to buy the handset. Ouch. I also love that gave me £20 for my rubbish old phone that I've had for the past 14 months... It only cost me £60 new. Sweet! What phone do you all have?

Finally, the TV show Pretty Little Liars is absolutely amazing. Based on the books by Sara Shepard, which I've yet to read, it's about 4 girls whose friend Alison goes missing. A year later they begin receiving messages from "A" who knows secrets they only thought Alison knew which makes them think she is still alive ... then Alison's body is found. It is utterly fabbity, and not just because it has the very worthy girl crush of Lucy Hale in it and the boy worthy crush of Ian Harding. Hel-lo! Watch it if you haven't, and let me know what you think if you have!

What are you all smiling at and loving at the moment? xoxo


  1. Just have to say I love Moleskin (currently onto my second diary, and at least 5th note book all together!) and I have also just got a Blackberry - I actually had an iPhone for just over a year and found it disgustingly expensive on an 02 contract and couldn't justify the spend on a phone that has all the applications, but no idea how to act like a normal phone!

    Anyway, Dinosaurs have been popular for millions of years...the iPhone has only been around a couple! ;)


  2. I love Moleskine - My current diary is a Moleskine - I got one with a red cover in about September as it was an academic diary but when 2011 rolled round I needed a proper diary with decent spaces to write in. (Problem with lots of church stuff at weekends is that it doesn't always fit in the little spaces lol.

    I love moleskine notebooks with plain pages - there is something about writing that first thing on the page - you kinda want it to be profound given the price difference between a moleskine and a normal notebook. I've found cheaper alternatives by Collins and I think by Derwent (they make sketching pencils and things like that) but I can't find anything that quite matches a moleskine lol. Oh dear this is an essay of a comment based on a notebook - I think I need therapy.

    I didn't really get on with BB once the novelty wore off but if you love it - you love it :) My friend got one just before Christmas and adores it lol. She moved from PAYG to contract because of how much money she was spending texting lol.

    Is Pretty Little Liars showing on Freeview/Sky etc now? I have been watching it - Something to notice is how Aria's phone changes in each episode as if the prop man (or lady) couldn't make up her mind lol. On the other hand I love the way Aria dresses :D

    I'm going to see WWRY in 10 days - I've only wanted to see it for about 6 or 7 years lol.

  3. I'm a big Moleskine fan:

    1) I have a A4 hard cover notebook for work, which I love beceause it's got much narrower lines than any other notebook I've ever had and I've got tiny writing

    2) I have a A5 softback 18 month diary/notebook (diary on the left, notes page on the right) which I use all the time

    3) I have two A6 softback notebooks: one contains all the training materials and intellectual property of Setsights Ltd and the other I use to make notes, take down funny things people say, etc.

  4. Yey - Moleskine fans! {^_^}

  5. I ♥ my Moleskines. I carry one everywhere. I blogged about them too :)