What would YOU do in Sydney?

Oops. Turns out I'm not done with the #sendmetosydney challenges just yet, though this is *definitely* the last one!

We want you to put to use everything you’ve learnt and assume the role of Awesome Tour Guide. We’d like you to create a visitor’s guide for Sydney; it could be a city guide or a guide to a specific location, attraction or event, using knowledge gained from the last 5 Challenges for inspiration.

Check out the summary of the Tour so far here, and for additional inspiration for the Guide, see these links:

* Try Paddle Surfing
* Visit the Bondi Icebergs Club* Cuddle a Koala at the Sanctuary
* Enjoy pub fare and ale at the Lord Nelson
* Or look at these other Sydney highlights and events.

So, is there anywhere in particular anyone would like me to feature? {^_^} Please, please get involved - it's the last challenge, and you could make all the difference and seal my win merely by suggesting some places for me and letting me know which of my challenge entries is your favourite! -x-


  1. The Opera House? The aquarium? Some kind of boat ride?

  2. I'd like to do some koala bear cuddling myself. Although I'm sure they're meant to be vicious little things. So adorable though.

  3. I would take a day trip to Wollongong (just outside of Sydney) and visit my friend Ruby.

    I'd also go to Austrlia Zoo but I just looked it up on Google and it's like 13 hours drive away so not too sure about that one lol

  4. All excellent things to do in Sydney! {^_^}