Challenge 5: Making wishes come true

The 5th and final Sydney challenge deadline is today and my task was to turn my attention to Sydney culture and nightlife and run my very own Sydney-themed event. As I was in Turkey, I must confess I've not had the time to organise an event. However, something about the challenge e-mail caught my eye

We will provide you with £200 to do it... the only rule is that the £200 is used responsibly.

Now, this got me thinking. From the very start of this challenge, I've always kept in the back of mind that I should be thinking like an Australian. So, I researched into Australian culture and found out that:

Australians are among the hardest-working people in the world with some of the longest working hours in the developed world.

Another common perception of Australians is that they are informal, open and direct and say what they mean. They are also seen as people who believe in the principle of giving people a fair go and standing up for their mates, the disadvantaged and the underdog.

Reading this made me think it wouldn't be very Australian to enjoy a £200 party, especially considering if I win I'll get a trip to Oz. So, I will be donating the £200 (AU $385) event money to the Australian branch of Make-A-Wish.

The key mission of the charity is to grant wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions, these vary per child but could be a trip to Disneyland or Australia's Gold Coast. The child might want to meet their favourite celebrity, or perhaps they want to go on a shopping spree. Whatever it is, Make-A-Wish makes their wish come true.

I feel this is a much better utilisation of the money, but also a very Australian thing to do, and if I win, I'll also be raffling off the community tickets for charity. I'll let you know what the outcome is!


  1. Now thats a good idea!

    If I had to use it on myself and was in Melbourne, I'd give away £100 and then with the other £100 I'd get my best friend Loz and her sister Sheens to come out for the night and I'd invite my Twitter buddy @Rubyam to Melbourne for a night out.

  2. Cheers, Paula! {^_^}

    Well, if I win, you'll have to buy raffle tickets for the x2 community tickets and you might just get to go to Melbourne (and Sydney!), Han! {^_^}

  3. That was a great idea. :) Good luck.