Sydney: It's criminal not to visit!

Don't worry, you no longer have to commit a crime to get to visit Sydney! Whilst Sydney has certainly increased in size since Arthur Phillip - commodore of the First Fleet, and first Governor of New South Wales - landed there in 1788, it's now a lot quicker to get there! Over 90,000 passengers travel through Sydney Airport every day, which is conveniently located just 9km from the city.

But, once you're there, what can you do? The answer to that is what can't you do - Sydney, after all, is internationally renowned and one of the world's most multicultural cities. This Sydney guide gives you a taste of how Sydney lives up to its well-deserved reputation.

When you think of Sydney, chances are you'll immediately think of the Opera House. But, you don't just have to be an Opera fan to explore what's inside. The Sydney Opera House is a multi-purpose venue and plays hosts to a wide range of excellent entertainment, from the Bangarra Dance Theatre's Fire - A Retrospective, to the Sydney Symphony. Though, of course, you can also catch a Gilbert & Sullivan, if you want!

To get a sense of Sydney, what better way than to climb the bridge for breath-taking panoramic views. Yes, that's right, the Bridge Climb allows you to see Sydney from a whole new height, a height of 134m to be precise! Or, if you truly have a head for heights, head up another 130m to see the spectacular view from the Sydney Tower.

After the breath-taking views, a trip to the Royal Botanic Gardens will bring you back down to earth! It's the site of the first farm in Australia, set up by ... Governor Arthur Phillip! Make sure you visit Arthur's statue in the Gardens, as well as the Palace Rose Garden. If you prefer your nature a little wilder, head to Sydney Wildlife World or the world-famous Taronga Zoo.

Did you know, it used to be illegal to bathe in the ocean during daylight? It was considered too indecent! Thankfully, the law was changed, so feel safe you're not commiting any crimes when you take a trip down to Bondi Beach - Sydney's most famous beach. Try the north side of the beach if you're new to surfing, the rip is much more gentler than the south side.

As surfing burns a lot of calories, food will be on your mind. If you're feeling fancy, stick on a Willow dress (if you're a girl!) and head to Tetsuya's, one of Sydney's top restaurants. Alternatively, if you've embraced the mellow attitude of Bondi and are feeling casual, pop to one of the many farmers' markets and rustle up a scintillating dish to delight your taste buds! Or, you could always just throw a steak on the barbie!

Finally, Sydney nightlife. Don't let the word 'hotel' confuse you; in Australia this denotes a drinking establishment! The Argyle Hotel, Landsdowne Hotel and the Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel are popular venues, but just ask any Sydneysider where the hot spots are - they'll be sure to tell you the best places to dance the night away!

Sydney is a fantastic place with lots to see, do and enjoy. And remember, if you decide to visit, they do let you back out of the country nowadays! ;p I hope you've enjoyed The Awesome Tour of Sydney - let me know what your favourite parts were (refresh your memory here) - and keep your fingers crossed that I get to see all of Sydney's delights in the flesh soon! If I do, please buy a raffle ticket and you too might get to enjoy the fabbity prize (and donate money to charity at the same time), or if you fancy booking a trip, check out STA Travel. Hooroo!


  1. It used to be illegal to swim during the day? Did that mean everyone just went to the beach at night? Surely that'd be more indecent.... ;)

  2. Apparently it *was* illegal to swim during the day! Strange, but true! Excellent point about the night-time indecency - guess the silly lawmakers didn't think it through!

  3. I loved the "criminal" angle you put on this, really made me laugh!

  4. Reading that reminded me of driving round Australia in a campervan. I've got the photo of me doing the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb somewhere... :-)

  5. Yey! Glad to hear that, Paula! I wonder if Sydney has ever been sold before using a "crime" angle?! I suspect not!

    Aww, Oz in a campervan must have been amazing, Ben! The Bridge climb looks like so much fun as well. {^_^} Jealous on both accounts!

  6. You make me want to go to Australia. Like, right now. It looks beautiful and sounds so fun. Thanks for sharing all the interesting info!

  7. This entire blogisode makes me drool for Australia. Nothing to do with loving the guys' accents, nothing at all, no...

  8. Glad you've enjoyed the Sydney posts, Elizabeth and Scarlett! {^_^}