Omne trium perfectum

It's not just bad things that happen in threes. A few weeks ago I had three lots of very good news in the space of one week.

Firstly, I was offered an in-house digital/social media role at an organisation I can fully get behind. I'm very excited to be part of their new marketing offering and can't wait to make things happen there!

Secondly, I won a new freelance client. Yes, I know I've just said that I have a new job but the client only needs a few hours social media support each week. The extra pennies will help with my final thing...

My book will be published SOON! The final bits and pieces are happening, everything is slotting into place, and I should have Kept on a (virtual) bookshelf by late February/early March. Hopefully all the snow will have melted by then and spring will be on its way! (OK, so the snow has gone in London but I wanted to use Olly's snowy photo of the view from our back garden!)

All-in-all, it has been an excellent start to the year. How is your 2013 going? 

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