2013 resolutions

First of all, Happy New Year! Hope you all had a lovely New Year's Eve last night, and I wish you all the best for 2013. {^_^} A New Year can't be started without a think about the previous year, and that includes seeing how you fared with resolutions, or at least it does for me. My 2012 resolutions were much simpler than 2011's lengthy list - how things have changed since then - as I had a mere three resolutions to contend with:

I set myself the challenge of cooking properly at least twice a month and I definitely did that. Olly and I cooked a lot together, too, and some of our efforts are in my 2012 Cookfest labelled posts, but mostly we just Instagrammed the results! It was awesome to have a go at making Pho - it was delicious - and I can now make a perfect Focaccia con pancetta e cipolle with my eyes closed.

I'm definitely a much better cook at the end of 2012 than I was at the beginning of the year and I'm looking forward to getting even more adventurous with my culinary attempts this year. I think the various bits and pieces of Le Creuset that Olly and I picked up for Christmas should help with this resolution in 2013, as well as the cooking lessons his sister bought us!

I am definitely back on track in terms of writing. {^_^} I got there slowly but surely over the course of 2012 and am excited to reveal that my first book will be published over the next few months; my second book should be out by late April/early May. We'll see how it goes from there but I'm hoping to release another book by the end of the year. Watch this space!

London is oh-so-vast so there's still a lot of exploring to do in Blighty's capital. This is definitely a resolution to continue in 2013, as well as seeing some more of the world. I'm hoping we'll make it to Vietnam this year, but who knows where 2013 will take us! With any luck we'll also be exploring London to find our very own place to live in - I can't wait for this to happen! 

What else can I say about 2012? Well, I've had some amazing times. Highlights of the year include going to India for a real-life Indian wedding, seeing my favourite band The Killers twice, going to the Olympics and Paralympics in my British Summer, celebrating my birthday at Go Ape, visiting Ellish at London Zoo and eating at Le Gavroche for our anniversary. 2012 also saw an addition to the Field family - Joshua joined us in July on my brother's birthday and Olly and I are his Godparents. {^_^}

I'm certainly looking forward to seeing what 2013 has in store and will be continuing my 2012 resolutions in 2013 seeing as they've worked out quite well! How was your 2012 and what are you looking forward to this year? Whatever it is, happy 2013! x


  1. I am very excited to read your books! :-) x

  2. I'm very excited for them to be published! Meep! {^_^} x