Operation Blonde.

This was my bee-yoot-iful blonde hair:

And then I decided to go red:

But after three months of red I've decided I now want to go back blonde... Hello bleach. Except in real life it's not *as* nice as it could be, and it still has bits of red in it... 

Give me a few weeks though, and it will be bee-yoot-iful again (or will have fallen out). Maybe that's why Britney shaved all her hair off that time?! x 

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  1. I've only bleached my hair once and I had assistance from my friend - I was in the process of die-ing the bottom layer pink and it had to go blonde before pink (and then went ginger after which was kinda unfortunate lol.)

    That was when I was a student. I think I'd have to go fire engine red to pass it off as company colours lol. Then again I've decided when I have more greys than browns/red/black hairs then I'm dying the whole lot bright pink or blue.