Philadelphia's Magic Gardens

I first saw it on an episode of Somebody Feed Phil and thought it looked like such a cool space - when I made it to Philadelphia's Magic Gardens on a work trip last year, my verdict wasn't wrong. If you find yourself in the City of Brotherly Love, make sure you stick this place at the top of your list!

First things first, general tickets cost $15. Tickets are limited as it's a small space and they want to avoid overcrowding, so it's recommended you book them online. Don't worry though, if they're not sold out, you can buy on the door. But! I highly recommend you do book online and that you book this guided tour. Not only do you learn so much more, you also get to access the off-limit basement. And it's only $5 more, if you're interested. 



The Magic Gardens are situated on South Street, a neighbourhood that is one of Philly's most famous. And part of that reason is because of Isaiah Zagar who back in the 1960 - and his wife, Julia - started doing the mosaics that you'll see all over the neighbourhood. If you're ever in Philly, make sure you go to the gardens, but also walk around the neighbourhood to see how far the mosaics have spread. 



What do you think to Philadelphia's Magic Gardens? Pretty cool, huh? x 

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