The year that was: 2020

What happened:
Well. It was not the year I was expecting, that's for sure. What a rollercoaster. (And the fun's not over yet!) 2020 started really well for me though as I started my new job - I'm so grateful that I made that move because I'm not sure my mental health would have coped at my old workplace. 

Said new job has gone excellently and I had a glowing review at the end of the year, which was lovely because you can suffer from imposter syndrome when you only got to be in the office for ten weeks before you had to work at home for the rest of the year due to a global pandemic. (I never imagined I'd be writing those words in a yearly round-up.) I think I had COVID-19 back in March but I didn't fit the criteria at that time to be tested so I'll probably never know.

It's hard not to think of 2020 and what happened without lamenting what didn't happen. I'm not talking about holidays cancelled or musicals missed, though there were plenty of those - or even that we were supposed to buy a house and plan our wedding in 2020 - but I didn't get to see my family this year. At all. Which sucks, even when you know that happened (or didn't happen, as it actually was) to keep your parents safe.

There was a highlight of the year though, and that was Portugal - we got to spend a week there in September, which was both amazing and and much-needed. We also got to watch & Juliet and 9 to 5 on the West End, visit the dinosaurs at Crystal Palace Park, see the orchids at Kew Gardens, go to SEA LIFE London Aquarium, explore the Barbican Conservatory, and visit the Sky Garden. Some small slices of normality (though the dinosaurs, the theatre trips and Kew Gardens were all pre-pandemic, and Portugal was booked pre-pandemic).
What I ate:
Not as many restaurant shout-outs for 2020, funnily enough, but I recommend Bala Baya for delicious Tel Aviv food, The Greyhound for a superb roast, Tandoor Chop House for excellent thali, Pad Thai Story for scrumptious pad Thai, and ROVI for extreme deliciousness. In Portugal: A Nossa Casa for the best meal we had, Augusto Lisboa for the best scrambled eggs I've ever eaten, and Pastéis de Belém for the best custard tarts.

New for 2020, DIY kits at home! The Pizza in the Post kit from Pizza Pilgrims was so AMAZING we ordered it twice, Olly especially loved the reuben kit from Monty's Deli, and we both really enjoyed Blacklock at Home and the Almost Famous NYE box. We also loved our respective birthday cakes from Lola's Cupcakes and our Craft Gin Club membership (affiliate link - get £16 off). 

What I watched:
We made it to the cinema 9 times (mostly in January and February, then Tenet in August): Just Mercy, Little Women and 1917 were my favourites.

TV highlights: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Sex Education, The Morning Show, The World According to Jeff Goldblum, Tiger King, The Last Dance, Watchmen, Down to Earth with Zac Efron, Kidding, Ted Lasso, The Boys, Schitt's Creek, Succession, The Queen's Gambit, Song Exploder and Dash & Lily. We also loved the final episodes of The Good Place, and the latest two volumes of The Chef Show. We watched lots of TV, for obvious reasons!

What I read:
I read a grand total of 118 books, which you can find here, or find my favourite reads here.

So that was 2020. This round-up doesn't even begin to touch upon the stress, worry and anxiety of the year, but they all existed for me. Of course they did. I hope you and your loved ones have all kept safe and well, as best as you can. x

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