Coronavirus diary: Week 43

Monday 4 January

Back to work today and, nope, I really didn't want to. It was so lovely to return our home to our home and not live in the work-home hybrid of the previous 9.5 months. (Though very grateful I don't have to commute in the dark, freezing weather. And obviously just reacting to having twelve lovely days of doing exactly what I want.)

Much to no one's surprise, a third national lockdown was announced this evening. We're either going to look back at this with a "remember when..." or we're going to be perpetually locking down forevermore, it feels like. Here's hoping it's the former.

Tuesday 5 January
Finished watching The Undoing, which was so gripping! A strong start to the year TV-wise. (Because what else is there to do?)

Wednesday 6 January
My CurrentBody LED mask arrived. Curious to see how my skin changes in the next 4 weeks. 

Absolute scenes in the US. Roll on inauguration day. 

Thursday 7 January
Woke up to an icing sugar dusting of snow on the ground. Promptly vanished. 

Friday 8 January
First working week of January... done! Also did 7.5km of walking. The first time I've left the house in a while.

Saturday 9 January
A lovely lazy Saturday spent dreaming of where to go once life is normal. 

Sunday 10 January
The highlight of today, a Hawksmoor Sunday roast at home. So delicious! (Though they had to send a second courier as our box was missing the Yorkshire puddings.) 

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