Yorkshire Wildlife Park

We've already established that I'm a big fan of giraffes, so a trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park to see some giraffes seemed like my kind of Saturday. And, of course, there are other animals to visit if giraffes aren't your favourite. (Why aren't giraffes your favourite?)

The Yorkshire Wildlife Park opened in 2009, which explains why I've never been before, so it was nice to head there with my niblings to explore it with them and visit their favourite animals. (Giraffes, sadly, did not make it to the top of their list... which makes me wonder if I'm even related to them.)

Located near Doncaster, you'll find lions, polar bears, baboons, lemurs, rhinos, wallabies and many more animals in the 70 acre park, plus there are plenty of talks happening throughout the day. Tickets cost £16 for adults if booked online (£14 for children); £17 on the door (£15 for children). Definitely a lovely day out if you're in the area!

Yorkshire Wildlife Park, Branton, DN3 3NH
Open daily, 10am - 6pm 

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