The view from St Paul's

A trip to the City of London should involve a trip to St Paul's Cathedral - it's ridiculously old and ridiculously splendid. The current form of it is one of Sir Christopher Wren's, though there has been a church on the site since at least 604. Like I said, it's ridiculously old.

You'll actually find Sir Christopher Wren's remains in the crypt of St Paul's. He was the first person to be interred in the crypt, and he's in excellent company - Admiral Lord Nelson (yes, *that* Admiral Lord Nelson who has *that* famous column in Trafalgar Square) and the Duke of Wellington are also resting in the crypt.

St Paul's is very much a working cathedral, which means it's only open Monday to Saturday. You can, of course, go there on a Sunday to attend a service, but no sightseeing allowed!

The inside of St Paul's is magnificent, but since you're not allowed to take photographs, you'll just have to go and see it for yourself. I can share the view from outside of St Paul's though, which will save your legs climbing the 528 steps to get up to the Golden Gallery. I promise though that the view is worth the effort, plus you can always rest in the Whispering Gallery and Stone Gallery on the way up.

What do you think? London looks stunning, right? x

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