Latest Loves: 8.3.14

The final episode of Fleming aired on Sky Atlantic this week, but I wish there was still more episodes to come - it's been a fabulous mini-series, that I've really enjoyed watching. I absolutely love the James Bond books, and now I think I need to find a biography about Mr Fleming to find out more about the man who created one of the most iconic spies there ever was.

On Pancake Day we opted for... errr, piri piri chicken and discovered the most amazing mash. Take sweet potatoes, potatoes, lemon, chilli and coriander (there's no feta cheese in my version) and you won't be disappointed. I have a feeling it will also go perfectly with this sea bass recipe.

QuizUp has finally come to Android, which is sure to be a distraction from me writing my third book as I prove my knowledge to the world - someone take my phone away from me!

Finally, we watched We Bought A Zoo this week which is a heart-warming film, based on a real-life story. I was insistent that we booked tickets immediately to Southern California so we could go and visit... but I then discovered that the real zoo is actually in the UK, and they are getting giraffes, my favourite animal! We'll definitely be visiting Dartmoor Zoo as soon as we can, but for now I'm reading Benjamin Mee's book of the same name. I highly recommend you do the same.

What are your latest loves? x

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