Latest Loves: 27.3.14

Spring is here, and the daffodils are blooming - it's awesome to have splashes of yellow in the house to brighten up the place.

I'm a massive fan of Moleskine products anyway, but when I spotted their recipe journal, I knew we had to buy it. The first recipe to be added will have to be the delicious Focaccia con pancetta e cipolle. I'm baking it again this afternoon, and I can't wait to build up our repertoire of recipes - I'd like to think that one day our (one-day) children will fight over who gets access to all our delicious recipes!

Have you seen True Detective? I'm utterly hooked, and can't wait to see the last three episodes. Initially I thought there was something dodgy about Cohle, but now I think Marty is the one to watch out for - I can't wait to discover if I'm right, and I really hope there will be another series.

Finally, I hung out yesterday with my good friend London Beauty Queen, which involved champagne and pedicures at The Soho Hotel with MICRO Pedi, followed by a private Pixie Lott gig at Century to celebrate her being the face (hair) of Batiste. I loved her outfit!

What are your latest loves? x

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