Life of Late - November 2013

I cannot believe that it is the middle of November and that Christmas is slowly making its presence known! November has been a busy one for me, and the rest of the month is set to continue that way.

Last week the Geli Voyante's Hot or Not tour ended, plus we returned to London after a trip to Ireland. We were over there for a friend's wedding, followed by 30th birthday celebrations in Dublin for Olly - more about those later, I promise. There are lots of stunning photos I need to share; Ireland is a beautiful country.

We managed to see the Brockwell Park fireworks from our back garden, and snapped a few of the really high and explosive ones. We watched the fireworks over the rooftops rather than face the crowds; they still looked pretty impressive, even if we didn't get the full view and experience!

Book-wise: I'm currently reading the fifth A Song of Ice and Fire book, aka the fifth Game of Thrones book. I loved the first three books but am finding this book less exciting. Don't spoil it, but I hope the plot picks up by the end of the book!

How's your November shaped up so far? What are you reading at the moment, and did you go to a firework display this year? x

PS: Geli is still on Kindle Countdown Deal today. It's 99p until 2pm, then it's £1.99 for the next few days - make sure you download your copy whilst it's still on sale!

PPS: It's currently #81 and a Best Seller in the Humorous Fiction chart. How amazing is that?! Please download it and tell your friends - let's see if we can get Geli Voyante's Hot or Not even higher up the charts!