Mad Hatter's Tea @ The Sanderson

At the weekend I was at The Sanderson to celebrate my friend Hayley's 30th birthday. The Sanderson is situated just off Oxford Street and their classic afternoon tea, called the Mad Hatter's Afternoon Tea, is £35 each. They also do a champagne version for £45.

There are lots of lovely little details that really make the afternoon tea special - sugar cubes are kept in ballerina music boxes, riddles are tied around the napkins and the menu is hidden in an old book, for example.

The negatives I would say about it is that the service wasn't that great, especially considering the 15% service charge they add on to the bill regardless... It also had "Jelly Wonderland" on the menu which they didn't offer us. I doubt we would have managed this as we were all pretty full but we should have been offered it at the very least - we'd paid for it!

Still, those negatives aside, it was a lovely afternoon. I'm not a sandwich person so my favourite bits were the scones, the strawberries and cream handmade marshmallow mushrooms, and the green tea and white chocolate mousse served in a dark chocolate tea cup. The top of the mousse had popping candy which was a nice surprise!

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