Aladdin @ The O2

I was invited along to The O2 this festive season to go and see Aladdin A Wish Come True, starring Lily Savage as Widow Twanky and S Club 7's Jon Lee as Aladdin. We returned to London yesterday after a lovely Christmas in Kent and saw the 17.30 showing.

Now, pantomimes tend to fall into two types. They are either really good, or they are really bad. Thankfully, this is a good one and Lily Savage - Paul O'Grady's alter ego - really made the show. Funny with a fantastic pair of legs - not bad for a 57 year old man! - Lily Savage sets up everything negative that people tend to associate with pantos and made it seem humorous, as well as showcasing some awesome ensembles. Serious costume envy at times!

It feels modern for a "traditional" pantomime, and it's reasonably silly for the children but not *too* silly that the adults groan in despair. Abanazar was definitely my second favourite character after Lily Savage even though he *is* the baddie. What was great to see throughout the show was that you see the actors on stage were genuinely having a great time playing their roles and quite often could be spied cracking up at their fellow cast members stage antics.

The first half felt a bit slower than the second half, but it was an enjoyable show overall and we left the purpose-built theatre with a smile on our faces. If you want to catch it whilst it's on, it's only playing until January 5th 2013 so you'll have to be quick! Are you a fan of pantomimes? x

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  1. I saw my first pantomime ever at the beginning of December. It's a very British thing. My French workmates wanted me to explain the concept when I told them I was going, but since I hadn't seen one before (growing up in Switzerland will do that to you), I wasn't sure what to expect.

    I saw Aladdin too, but at the Bristol Hippodrome. I LOVED it!!! Such fun! I'll definitely be back for more pantomime fun next year :-D