The Killers, Battle Born World Tour

This weekend I was lucky enough to see The Killers perform at The O2 on their Battle Born World Tour from the comfort of a corporate box. Sweet! Now, The Killers are one of my favourite bands EVER, and I saw them earlier this year as well at V Fest. I'm a BIG fan.

They didn't disappoint. Brandon Flowers had only sung four songs in Manchester earlier in the week before he had to stop because of a sore throat, but he recovered in time for the London shows and they were incredible.

The jam-packed crowd at The O2 thought so as well. Mr Brightside. Human. Smile Like You Mean It. Miss Atomic Bomb. Somebody Told Me. For Reason's Unknown (my absolute favourite). I could go on.

My only gripe is that they never play enough from Sam's Town, which is possibly my favourite album of theirs - it's pretty much neck and neck with Hot Fuss, anyway - which means we miss out on some belting songs of theirs. Still, I did like their nod to Oasis as they covered Don't Look Back in Anger - Oasis influenced Flowers to be in a rock band after he saw them play in Las Vegas, don't you know. 

A-mazing! They've just announced that they are playing Wembley next June, too - I'll have to go, won't I? Are you a fan of The Killers? x

Thank you to Olly for taking the photos! xxxx

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