Latest Loves: 11.11.12

MEATliquor celebrated its first birthday today - we went for the first time last week, probably because the horror stories of the queue has always dissuaded us in the past. (Twenty minutes for us, on a Monday evening at 7pm, if you want to know.) Now we're wondering what took us so long to visit, and I know we'll definitely be returning. Definitely not a place for a first date though as you're going to make a mess with the overloaded burgers and hotdogs. I had the epic Chili dog but make mine a Dirty chicken burger next time.

Intrigued by the trailer for the second season of Homeland when it started airing on Channel 4, I quickly caught up with season one and promptly fell in love with the series. Claire Danes is absolutely brilliant mental as Carrie and her relationship with Sergeant Nicholas Brody (Brit Damian Lewis) is gripping stuff.

Another TV series - it's the return of MasterChef: The Professionals. Such a treat to see Michel Roux Jr. cook beautiful food whilst others try to replicate it and impress him, even more so after eating at Le Gavroche earlier this year. When he puts his Epigrams De Sole back on the menu, we will be going - it looked AWESOME.

I'm currently working about a five minute walk from the King's Road, which means whereas I'm not having a cheap lunch - you try finding somewhere in Chelsea to have lunch for less than a fiver - I am getting to try out some pretty sweet places. Last week's find was Buona Sera at The Jam, a "treetop" type Italian restaurant which has beautiful flavours and a quirky set-up. With wooden booths on the ground, in-between them are little ladders leading up to booths stacked on top. I'm going to have to take Olly there!

What are your latest loves? x

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