Rekorderlig Winter Forest Bar

I've been to some pretty nifty pop-up places in my time, but last night I was down at the Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane to see the Rekorderlig Winter Forest Bar before it opened to the public and it's definitely my new favourite pop-up experience.

Now when I was first told that I would be going to a beautifully Swedish Winter Forest, just one that was indoors, I was kind of dubious. Immediately I thought fake snow and trees, sort of like a Santa's grotto.

Santa's grotto this ain't. It's, well, a Winter Forest. Like a real full-on actual Winter Forest filled with trees, dirt, twigs, grasses and foliage. All real. Indoors.

The effect is pretty amazing and as the night draws in they drop the temperature and lower the lighting - there are blankets on hand to snuggle in and you can also order yourself a hot Rekorderlig to warm you up.

I've never really been a fan of warm alcohol - I hate mulled wine, and my only exception to the rule is a Baileys-enhanced hot chocolate - but I'm now a big fan of their warm Winter cider. They are also doing cocktails down there and there's yummy Swedish tapas available, too. Elk sausage roll, anyone? 

The pop-up Winter Forest is only around until November 6th (it opened today), so it's worth getting down there whilst you can. Online tickets are sold out but if you go down there after 8pm you should be able to buy a ticket on the door. I'm going back next week! x

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