Musical news - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

I was excited yesterday to learn that Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is coming to the West End next year (May 2013), but that immediately made me wonder what's leaving the West End to make room for it?

The answer is Shrek which makes this announcement less exciting as Shrek is an awesome musical. I was lucky enough to see a preview in May 2011 and then saw it again in December 2011. I would happily see it again, though I am a little sad that Nigel Harman is no longer Lord Farquaad as he owned that role.

Still, Shrek sadness aside, there are finally some new musicals coming to London next year - The Book of Mormon opens in February, as does A Chorus Line) - which is good news for me as I've felt bereft of new musicals! Saying that though, I've still not seen Matilda ... To the box office! What musicals are you looking forward to seeing? x

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