Latest loves: summer edition

This week has been utterly glorious in London, which has prompted my a summer edition of my latest loves. (Though I love these things every summer, in all honesty!)

I'm a bit of a meat fan, and and nothing can beat a BBQ and the smell of sizzling meat wafting through the air. Yummy! Make mine a hotdog, some chicken, and I wouldn't say no to some pork ribs and a baked potato and peppers cooked on coals either. Mmmm!

And then, of course, there's ice cream. I do a love 99 - it takes my back to childhood and the tinkle of the ice cream van - but I'm also rather partial to a mint chocolate Cornetto and a white chocolate Magnum. Delicious!

Summer clothing is my next summer love, in particular Havaianas which are my flip flops of choice. You really can't beat them. I was first introduced to these when I was over in Brazil - they're a Brazilian brand - and I've never bought another brand since.

And, finally, it's not deckchairs, per say, but sitting in a park or on a beach soaking up the sunshine. Of course, I always moan about my freckles coming out, but nothing beats a dose of serious sunshine. Well, apart from when the evil hayfever *really* plays up, but it's worth putting up with that for that glorious warmth.

What are your summer loves? x

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  1. Love BBQs as well :) We had two this weekend - not intentionally lol. Friday tea was meant to be a BBQ then on Saturday we were supposed to go to the pub but ended up hanging out in our friends garden with some wine and then decided to have a BBQ so we despatched a friend to the shop for bread rolls and sausages lol. It was awesome (so much better than the pub even when it was a bit cold).

    I love wearing my flip flops or pottering round the house in barefeet - so much better than wearing socks lol. I think I'm weird!